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Champlain scholarship aimed at new magnet school students

first_imgA celebration of two new elementary schools focusing on sustainability and the arts in Burlington was highlighted today with the announcement of dual Champlain College scholarships aimed at helping graduates of the magnet schools attend college.The Holly and Bob Miller Magnet School Scholarship for the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes and The Lois McClure Magnet School Scholarship for the Integrated Arts Academy  at H.O. Wheeler were established earlier this year by Champlain College to honor the Millers and Mrs. McClure for their community support of continuing education. The need-based scholarships will provide up to $20,000 a year in tuition expenses for two students who attend Champlain College. The main requirement is attendance at one of the magnet schools for four years, followed by continued education in Burlington School District schools and graduation from Burlington High School (BHS). The first scholarships will be awarded to members of the BHS Class of 2018.“These scholarships, established as part of honoring these three community leaders with honorary degrees from Champlain College in May, reflect their ongoing support for continuing education for Burlington’s young people,” said Champlain College President David Finney. “The magnet school concept for Burlington will help focus students on their interests, improve student and parent engagement in education and ultimately bring socio-economic integration at the two schools.” “We are so appreciative of the incredible community partners that play an integral part of our new magnet programs, and enhance all of our schools.  We are honored that Champlain College has created this new scholarship program that provides a tremendous opportunity for our students,” noted Burlington School Superintendent Jeanne Collins.A magnet school, according to Victor Prussack, coordinator of the Burlington program, is a public school that offers a specialized program and is open to school children from around the city of Burlington. While there are more than 4,000 elementary magnet schools across the country, these are the first such schools in Vermont. “These dynamic alternative schools were created by the Burlington School District to offer options for children and families who seek a unique learning environment.”Students from all over Burlington as enrolled in the Integrated Arts Academy at H.O. Wheeler and the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes. Students study the same things as all elementary school children, including literacy, math, science, social studies, art, music, Spanish and physical education. Special programs at both schools integrate community studies outside the classroom and in partnership with organizations such as Shelburne Farms, Flynn Center, Very Merry Theatre Company.The celebration included a parade of students and teachers from both schools down Church Street Marketplace, led by Sambatucada, to the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. Vermont. Commissioner of Education Armando Vilaseca and Burlington School Superintendent Collins welcomed the students, parents and community partners to the event and thanked supporters, partners and funders of the new schools. More information about the magnet school program is available at www.bsdvt.org(link is external) or by contacting Victor Prussak at vprussac@bsdvt.org(link sends e-mail).Champlain College, founded in 1878, offers “Education in Three Dimensions” – a distinctive educational approach to professionally focused majors, developing life skills and leadership based on critical and creative thinking. It has nearly 2,000 campus-based undergraduate students on campus and is ranked in the top tier of Best Baccalaureate Colleges in the North by 2009 America’s Best Colleges, published by U.S. News & World Report. To learn more about Champlain College, visit www.champlain.edu(link is external). Source: Champlain College. BURLINGTON, Vt., (Sept. 24, 2009) —last_img read more

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The Macabre Connection Between Jimi Hendrix Judy Garland and Winston Churchill

first_imgDesmond Charles Henley O.B.E., was a remarkable man.  After finishing school, he went to work for James H. Kenyon, Ltd., funeral directors, in 1941, part way through WWII, according to the blog at Safe Hands. The Kenyon firm, established in 1880 in London, was the undertaker to the British royal family and in that capacity had been involved over the years in a number of royal funerals.Henley worked there for several years before passing his theoretical and practical embalming examinations in 1948, according to his son, Christopher.Mary in tiara and gown wearing a choker necklace and a string of pearls.In 1952, just a few years after becoming fully qualified, Henley proved himself through his work and was named Kenyon’s chief embalmer.That same year, he carried out the embalming of King George VI at Sandringham House, in Norfolk. He presided over Queen Mary’s just a year later. This was the beginning of a 51-year career, which carried Henley to some unusual places.King George VI of England.In addition to preparing bodies for burial in England, Desmond Henley also trained in disaster management and was the head of Kenyon’s emergency services mortuary team. He often worked across international lines, beginning in 1952, when he was sent to Nigeria to repatriate the bodies of two people who were part of the Kano air disaster.Over the course of his career, especially in the ‘60s and ‘70s, he worked a great deal performing embalmings in various countries in Africa and the Middle East, including Bahrain, Qatar, Melawi, and Saudi Arabia, among others. Words you will NEVER hear the Royal Family sayHe also continued to repatriate bodies that had been in disasters such as the Kano disaster, the Zeebrugge ferry disaster in 1987, and the bombing in Lockerbie. Even after Henley stopped traveling so extensively for his work, he continued his efforts in an advisory capacity.Zeebrugge ferry disaster: MS Herald of Free Enterprise towed into the harbour at Vlissingen after salvage, May 1987. Photo by Archief Ranter CC BY-SA 1.0In recognition of his work in disaster recovery, he was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) in 1997 “for services in the aftermath of disasters involving the loss of human life.”Embalming Kit. Photo by Concord CC BY-SA 3.0In addition to his disaster management work, Henley also was involved in some notable funerals. As well as performing the embalming for the King and Queen already mentioned, Henley embalmed Sir Winston Churchill in 1965.Winston Churchill giving his famous ‘V’ sign, May 1943.Churchill’s embalming was carried out in the same room where he died, and when it was complete, he was dressed in silk pajamas and his dressing gown and put back in his bed at home for some time before his body was taken by the Kenyon staff for the three days of public viewing prior to his funeral.Henley also was the embalmer for Sir Edward Mutesa II, in 1969. Mutesa was King of Buganda from 1939 until his death, as well as the first President of Uganda from 1963 to 1966, according to the New World Encyclopedia.Mutesa II of Buganda.When then-President of Uganda, Idi Amin, requested that Mutesa’s body be returned to Uganda for a state funeral in 1971, Desmond Henley was requested to accompany it, which he did.Aristotle Onassis asked Henley to come to Greece to embalm Onassis’ son, Alexander, in 1973.Publicity photo of Judy Garland.He also embalmed Judy Garland in 1969, Jimi Hendrix in 1970, Field Marshal Lord Montgomery in ’76, Earl Mountbatten of Burma in ’79, Bon Scott from the band AC/DC in ’80, and British singer/songwriter Billy Fury in ‘83.Jimi Hendrix in 1967. Photo by A. Vente CC BY-SA 3.0In the course of his career, Desmond Henley also became an Examiner for the British Institute of Embalmers in 1961 and was elected a fellow of that same institution in 1987. He continued his work both in England and abroad until he retired in 1992.Read another story from us:  Post-mortem photos were the only family portrait for some families in Victorian EnglandAfter his retirement, he helped his son, Christopher, form his own firm of undertakers specializing in repatriation and international work. Henley died in 2005, having left behind an impressive legacy both at home and abroad, contributing to his craft as a whole, and touching countless lives with his dedication and service.last_img read more

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