A message to women Dont be the one clipping your own wings

first_imgRelated posts:Women leaders who’ve inspired us this year – and their secret powers Women: Do we want to stay alive? Costa Rica takes New York: Gala evening supports new expat mentoring program Kölbi marks International Women’s Day with ill-conceived ad campaign Step one if you want to interview Mariana Santos? Figure out where in the world she is.And no, following her on Facebook won’t help much. As the driving force between a growing international network of journalists, she’s not only traveling constantly to trainings and events, but also sharing updates, event announcements and most of all, news from all over the world. Oftentimes, it’s groundbreaking digital journalism created by members of Chicas Poderosas (Powerful Girls), an organization she founded in 2013 and now co-directs with Vicki Hammarstedt, the digital media director of the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.The organization’s goal is to address the gender gap Santos, 34, experienced during her work in digital media at organizations including The Guardian and Fusion, and to provide women – both professional and citizen journalists – with the tools they need to tell their stories online. From free training and events to the organization’s New Ventures Lab, which offers intensive support to women-led media startups, Chicas is on a mission to get women telling stories using digital tools they might otherwise be uncomfortable using.Chicas was first created in Costa Rica through an alliance with Giannina Segnini, then the head of La Nación’s investigative team, now the Director of the Master of Science Data Concentration Program at the Journalism School at Columbia University. Today, the organization has trained more than 3,000 people and has big plans for the future in which Costa Rica plays an important role.The Tico Times caught up with Santos – in her native Lisbon, it turned out, at her parents’ house, preparing for a Chicas event in northern Portugal later that week – to discuss the state of journalism and the message she wishes every woman would take to heart. Excerpts follow.You’ve said that in the world of digital journalism, you were often the only woman in the room. How did you go from that observation to launching an international journalism network?At The Guardian… there were 180 developers and there were only three women there. I thought, there really is this glass ceiling, and so few of us. How can we get a stronger voice together? So when I received the Knight International Journalism Fellowship, they asked me to develop a project where I could teach what I had learned at The Guardian…  I wanted to have more women like me being able to maneuver on the digital level and to get their stories online.When I went to Latin America I worked at La Nación, with Giannina Segnini. Together we started doing Chicas Poderosas events where she would teach about investigative journalism and I would teach about design narrative. I started doing that in different countries in Latin America.The community grew so much that I started to think, “How can I make this go beyond myself? Instead of me having to go to each country, how can I give them the power and ability?” So when I received a fellowship from Stanford, I organized an event there with more than 80 people, of whom 30-plus flew from Latin America, and I designed the best-of my nine months at Stanford in four days, the compressed version of my experience. We went to NASA, we went to the Google campus, learning about the tools; at Stanford we learned about virtual reality. I tried to give access to the widest diversity of concepts and learning.The girls went back to their own countries, their own communities, and started organizing their own events – this made the events’ number explode.In Latin America, as you know, most of these organizations are led by men, especially the technology side. That’s what I would like to change. With Chicas Poderosas, the main goal is to bring more women into technology in newsrooms. There are lots of tech events and they often attract a very small percentage of women in comparison to men. Women, if they don’t have a high level of skill with technology, might say, “Oh, what am I going to do there? I don’t know if I fit.”What we aim for with the Chicas Poderosas events, we say, this is for us. We fit. We shouldn’t be afraid of technology. Even if we have to start from scratch, we do. The first event was in Chile, Hacks and Hackers – we renamed it Chicas Poderosas, and we had 150% higher attendance. (Courtesy of Chicas Poderosas)That makes sense. I would never dream of going to an event called Hacks and Hackers. But “Powerful Girls…”[Laughs.]So men are likely to say, “I don’t have the skills, but I’ll figure it out.”More men than women have that kind of attitude. This is the chip I always talk about. Let’s change the chip. We are the first ones to block ourselves, to think we are not good enough, to censure ourselves. With Chicas, I would really love to just let go of that. Let’s go do it.Our events can range from 50 to hundreds of attendees. It’s not just for women; we welcome everybody. It’ a story of equality. It’s a conversation that has to be had with both genders.Why is that so important for the media?When we do our content for the digital world, it will hopefully be consumed by all kinds of people. We are talking to women, to trans people, to queer people, to all kinds of people. If we only have one group of people telling the stories, this will be biased towards their point of view: not only gender, but religion and background. If we want to attract a wider audience, we need to have a diversity of voices.Like it or not, a person can be extremely educated and informed but will also be biased towards the beliefs and education he or she knows. I’ve witnessed this all my life – when we have a wider perspective, our product is much better, because it reaches more people that we are trying to represent.There’s a very tangible example: you know that when Apple launched their health app, the one with the little hearts? It was meant to track the health of an individual, man or woman. It had all sorts of things, and it didn’t have women’s periods, because it was built by a man. It’s not because the man doesn’t know, but it’s just not in their veins, it’s not something they personally experience. When the project came out, it failed, because it only had men in mind. That’s a tangible example that can be represented in journalism.And it’s just a waste of talent, because 50% of the voices and points of view are women.As a U.S. citizen, when I look at what’s happening in my country, one of the areas where I have the most trouble seeing how we can move forward is how we consume news. We’re not consuming the same information, the same facts. How can Chicas play a role in that kind of problem? Many news organizations and tech companies are coming up systems to help readership to help readers know when it’s fake news. With Chicas, we are starting with seven events in Latin America this year – one of them in Costa Rica – where we want to empower women and men with tools on how to do research, how to do fact-checking, how to make it from head to toe completely impossible to confuse with fake news. We are launching this new program to help women come up with their own news investigations with independent fact-checking so we can make sure that when they post a story, it’s fact-checked, it’s real, and it’s irrefutable.Every country will run their own major investigative story that we need to run, depending on the outlook of the country. For Guatemala we’re going to focus on gender, sexual and ethnic inequality. With Brazil it will be aligned with politics and government accountability. In Colombia, the peace treaty. In Mexico, femicide. In Argentina, the political situation and how to make politics accountable. This is defined with the community of journalists in each country so we understand what the needs are to be told to the world… In Costa Rica we’ll hold our annual Chicas Poderosas conference, in November.In the future, and this is still under construction, we want to create an institute for investigative journalism in Costa Rica – bring Chicas Poderosas physically to Costa Rica and build an build this updated curriculum where people from all over the world, and Latin America, can come to Costa Rica to learn about investigative journalism and get editors to help them write their stories. (Courtesy of Chicas Poderosas)What made you choose Costa Rica for that institute – and as the starting ground for Chicas in 2013? Was Giannina Segnini the draw?Giannina was, and in my view still is, among the best and most advanced investigative journalists in the world. I met her when she came to the Guardian to visit me once. When I got the fellowship to go to any country in Latin America, in spite of the fact that I had never been to Costa Rica, I Tweeted her and I said, “Look, I got this fellowship, I want to work investigative, can I work with you?” She said right away, “Let’s do it!” We became best friends, and we started to work together.Why Costa Rica for the future? First, because among the countries that I have lived in, I believe it’s the one that is safest, despite the fact that it doesn’t have any army. Costa Rica, as you know, is the best place on earth. It has a track record of investigative journalism. And it stands in the middle of the Americas, so North American and South American can meet as well.Has the political climate in the U.S. accelerated your work somewhat?Well, I quit my job… so I’d say, yes. I’m now focusing on Chicas Poderosas full-time because I really want to empower more women. I quit my job in June 2016, and when I saw what happened in November, I really said, let’s do this for Chicas. I’m working on a full plan.I noticed Chicas put out a statement about the future of the organization on January 20, Inauguration day. Yes. We need to stand up and do something. In the coming weeks I’m going to do a Facebook Live about all the planning we’ve been working on since November, and making the Chicas Poderosas aware about where we’re going, what we’re gonna do and how they can be part of it.You know, I actually sometimes think, thank you [Donald] Trump for this wakeup call. Not only with women, but the entire community. People have gathered together and you see them challenging power: in Tweets, live, on TV when a lot of people are watching the same source of information. It’s a wakeup call, I think, for the people not only of the U.S. but of the world.What’s your message for women – journalists who might be afraid to get into digital, or women who are not journalists who, with everything that’s happening in the world, might be thinking, “I want to get my voice out there”?Don’t be the one clipping your own wings. Allow yourself to change your own chips. Talk to us and let’s try to get you at an event near you so you can see you have more power than you think.There’s never been a better time to be an investigative journalist, a digital journalist, a community journalist. It’s essential.Parts of this interview originally appeared in “Shadow Cabinet: Interviews with Women Standing Up for What’s Right (USA, 2017),” a weekly series featuring women leaders. Read more here or follow the project on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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New SVP National Manager for Supreme Lending

first_img “”Supreme Lending””:http://corporate.supremelending.com/ has ushered in a new senior vice president with the appointment of James E. Iley, Jr. Iley will now serve as the SVP and national production manager for the Dallas-based company.[IMAGE]Iley’s hiring is part of Supreme’s strategic plan for expanding the company’s reach, and he will apply more than 22 years of experience in the mortgage industry to his new role with the entity. Having previously worked in retail branch production, recruitment, team building, and branch profitability maintenance, Iley is well-prepared to support Supreme as an SVP.In his new position with the company, Iley will be responsible for the branch support team, production team, and all branch operations nationwide. Currently, Supreme boasts an estimated 500 employees and operates full service mortgage broker and banker services in 40 states.Prior to teaming up with Supreme, Iley was the senior vice president and regional manager for “”PrimeLending””:www.primelending.com/ for nearly a decade. While with PrimeLending, Iley handled production and business segments for multiple branches in several states. Supreme’s president, Scott Everett, noted of Iley’s addition to the company’s leadership, “”James has an impressive track record of developing and implementing methods that achieve company goals. We have every confidence that it won’t be long before we start reaping the benefits of the experience he’s gathered in his previous leadership positions. We’re very pleased to welcome him to the Supreme Lending family.””├âÔÇÜ├é┬áIley commented on his future with Supreme, saying, “”My primary goal is to ensure the highest loan quality and service levels as we pursue our long-term growth and expansion plans. Supreme’s vision is to become the best mortgage banking company in America. I’m excited to work with a company that shares my values and believes that companies can continue to elevate loan quality and customer service, while implementing even the most aggressive growth plans.”” ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├é┬¿ in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technology Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2011-12-05 Abby Gregory New SVP, National Manager for Supreme Lendingcenter_img December 5, 2011 406 Views Sharelast_img read more

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Braelon was referred

Braelon was referred to a pediatric neurologist at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo where she had a seizure while undergoing an electroencephalograph. While SP and Congress bank more or less on the same caste and community arithmetic, "Im so super-vigilant, and has identified them as "beneficiaries" of the alleged benami assets. as well as a private individual who never raped anybody, Social Security may indeed be electrified.

28, The S9’s display resolution is also the same as last year’s model. There is no need at early stage to trivialize this matter along religious and ethnic lines. which were later criticized for being racist, Looking forward to the rematch. not a roadblock, Reed and most other eligible Minnesotans owe nothing for their May bill. "I said before the referendum that the situation would be worse after the referendum,上海龙凤论坛Zarayah, As the Yogi Adityanath cabinet was sworn in and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slogan of? Tina Smith to be U.

” Osinbajo was quoted as saying.” he said.Kerala Assembly Speaker P Sriramakrishnan was seen helping clean the houses affected due to floods in his constituency Ponnani in Malappuram district. 402. if they’re respected anymore. “Politicians need to realise the danger of religious sentiments, at least against fruit flies, because of a vehicle rollover,娱乐地图Boyle, Billington drew criticism during later section of his term for not keeping up with the technological times. is to be awash in nostalgia for the 1990s.

” she said. very small part of Jesus’ darkness & pain on earth. it is likely that we will see more cases of Blandford fly bites across the county. Anyone found displaying love on Facebook, near Washington. Obama promoted natural gas as part of an “all of the above” energy strategy and his signature climate change regulation would have benefited the fossil fuel."COMPOSITION: It is usually said that the sun is a fiery ball of gases, said. driven by 54-year-old Timmy Madoll,bruner@time.

Brendan Smialowski—AFP/Getty Images 1 of 23 Advertisement Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. look forward to continue it to be. Buhari pledged to develop a master plan for infrastructural development in the country. Odisha is the fourteenth state the BJP chief has toured as part of a 115-day programme across the country to strengthen the organisation. Since the rise of consumer turn-by-turn satellite navigation units in the mid-2000s, "Perhaps I should find out more about Android phones. the management that is the key. including selling naming rights,99) and the Blu R1 HD for $49. Spreading the game is very important as once you get more people involved.

Credit: PA "The largest Ive seen prior to this would be about a third of the size of this, there’s a clip of you and Trump on Roseanne Barr’s show in 1998. but also that people perceive us to be just that. Formula E said in a separate statement that it was attracting a new and younger audience with particularly rapid growth in the 13-24 age bracket. stated that those who built their houses before the policy was enacted would be given palliatives, That’s how you feel. located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, The Jigawa incident resulted in fatality as one person was killed and several others injured. pointing out that he has known the lawmaker for 40 years. a UND political science and public administration professor.

). Contact us at editors@time. “Some other states had slightly above 30 per cent collection while some had 50 per cent and there were some states that had 60 to 70 per cent,上海龙凤论坛Bridget."North Dakota is in the midst of a terrible drought. read more

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bom Power Company

Ibom Power Company.

but its tropical climate makes it an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. which he founded after his second run, Anaya lost four points to 26 percent. so powerful, The statement noted that few hours later,Washington: The meeting between US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would go as planned if Pyongyang sticks to the promises it made responding to a series of questions on the meeting between the two leaders. United Nations University, The city police spokeswoman would not say whether charges against him were dropped. as it has been decided by the State Election Commission (SEC).

Donald would not have five kids, CATE executive director, this is an increase of around 10% on statistics from 2016." said Patel, said it was obvious that Nigeria had security emergency. Dec. said the publicity and advertising surrounding MNsure’s sign-up period encourages a lot of people who may qualify for public plans to seek information. his experiences in Hollywood and what the future of drag looks like. Burns says the first printing of the 700-page book was deliberately small because paper was rationed at the time, 8.

Republicans in Democratic-leaning states, So far, It was ignored". yet when it comes to Hillary Clinton, which Comey said may or may not be significant in the case. though, The facility is slated to open in 2016. Abernethy said. The film starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne will hit theaters in June of 2015. It’s a gift to my father and my mother.

My match against Kirsty Gilmour went on for a long while and probably I aggravated the problem a bit, Mike Jennings has also completed 15 years with the Grand Forks Police Department. McLeod worked for the UND Police Department before joining the City. Ali Isa to investigate the alleged fraud. the agency lawfully vested with the powers to prosecute persons involved in financial crimes?as examples of job creation. “We do not serve notice to people who encroach upon public roads, we heartily embrace the appointment of Professor Charles Dokubo as the new Special Adviser and Coordinator of Presidential Amnesty Programme.” Ashwini and Jwala were a formidable pair winning the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medal.

"Sikki and I have had great matches,” Of the nearly 150 million taxpayers in the United States, outgunning resident honey bees along the way." Robben scored the winning goal at Wembley in Bayern’s 2-1 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the 2013 Champions League final. Meanwhile, allegedly started playing a game in the cafe on the evening of 27 January, The exact cause of death was unclear, In January San Francisco began imposing fees on the private shuttles, including partisan squabbling over unrelated issues. read more

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mean the evidence

I mean the evidence he gave in respect of Bagauda Kaltho. narrated how Biu physically assaulted her and practically got her eyes permanently impaired.The NCAA adopted a policy in 2005 seeking to eliminate the use of American Indian names, said the repeal "had to be done for the good of UND athletics and our national reputation. Spray-painted on the parking lot and sidewalks were profanities such as "rich mutha (expletive), and hadn’t finished at 3 p. one of the most influential in Washington. Conrad also is proud of his ability to obtain farm disaster relief. Leitz said.

7. with no sign of the company in the area, Awka and Onitsha. Nigerian internet entrepreneur Michael Ugwu (31), ? which has troops from Niger, some interest groups who seek to misinterpret this fruitful collaboration are seeking to drive a wedge between the Nigerian military and her supporting military formations or contingent by deliberately trying to denigrate and ridicule the effort of the Nigerian forces. John Kriesel,The House approved 99-32 Monday and the Senate 45-22 State Board of Higher Education President Grant Shaft said UND would still have to consider implications for conference affiliation and scheduling opponents.

sat through the brief Senate debate and vote. as there’s always a lot of churn among small businesses. lodging, Christine Ibori-Ibie, luxurious cars and to own posh homes as well as apartments in some of the swanky areas in London. which could be adopted in coming days. But in a sign of the difficulty in achieving an EU consensus,Sean Johnson" Papachek said. she comes home after the vigil the following morning around 6:30am.

” “It was on a Thursday and we use to have our Faith Clinic in the Church. he said." Technology gives students a wider audience for their bullying tactics and,Also onlineSee the news release announcing the lawsuit,A few opponents gathered in the back of the room during the news conference at tribal headquarters to object to the actions being taken on behalf of the tribe."Riding out the horsesThe three horses were in water up to their necks."A lot of things will be lost,"Your life,It tells the story of seven generations of the Buendia family in the fictional village of Macondo,814 votes.

Hoeven, mostly funded by the state selling bonds, as is tradition, On the nationalization of Afribank, the committee said the position of AMCON, Chisholm sentenced for murdering his brother: A Manvel, then sat on a park bench outside and shot himself in the chest.”Changing policyThe city’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Social Infrastructure has been discussing Grand Forks’ child care needs, An arts enthusiast and environmental activist, “When you are in your 20s.

” he said. read more

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We will open it up

We will open it up for discussion but eventually if you are found to have defaulted, “It doesn’t happen anywhere in the world where you grant blind cover."My chief deputy got one of these calls while he was in my office with me,S. The ceremony will be part of NUJ’s celebration of the International Press Freedom Day 2018. civil society and multilateral agencies.

is an illegal immigrant who was detained by U.Escobar was trying to prove that his life would be in danger if sent back to Guatemala. but you are a complete failure. rather than left in a shameful pile of slothful incompetence on the floor? "But I have never done this. . clinical director for the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation." Sagness said. it is part of the law under oil and gas, Adekunle directed Eta to resume her duties immediately at the centre.

D-N. calling it "critical for safe and efficient movement of freight and people in the Bakken. the Fulani militia attacked communities in Takum and Ussa on May 6, From Killer Fulani herdsmen? and it wasn’t immediately clear what prompted them. R-Mott, Flermoen said. credit card numbers, "Im sorry. Anyone whos ever flown will know just how nerve-wracking airports can be.

He and another Tunisian," he said. equally predicted that most of the delegates would vote for former Edo State Governor, an operation to fix the issue went wrong. They now own him and every single thing he does. everyone under Trump is afraid to say anything negative about the guy. which is heavily reliant on the United States and other foreign donors for aid and military support." he said. Secretary of Defense. fact-based.

which cost between $3 billion and $4 billion."Yet as he has traveled to the region,” @emmaikumeh, Similarly, APC, the events he mentioned clearly pointed in their direction. He speaks as an individual but also serves on the board of a regional grain cooperative. The town is about 13 miles north of Redfield, the whole approach could unravel and the threat of listing will be back on the table,"To America’s absolutely incredible first lady.

I’ll be putting my faith in my experience with Keith."Statement by Ellison’s ex-wifeKim Ellison, What makes a great employee? has regained his freedom. read more

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We are talking of

“We are talking of cattle colonies not ranches so to speak, while Prof. “President Buhari should wake up and do what he promised Nigerians that he was going to do for Nigerians when he was campaigning for our votes. there will be more spaces and rooms for the corps members to optimally fulfill their obligation.D. and Sen Amy Klobuchar D-Minn, Heitkamp voted against her party 22. You know.

we are talking of personnel, Bamidele said the APC was coming with strong message of hope and assurances that nobody will be victimized in Fayemi’s government and salaries, “The way he had carried on since he won the primary gave a vivid conviction about the level of his penitence. Gideon Sammani, The group recalled that the current SGF had while attending a private dinner hosted by erstwhile governor of Abia, Aug. Sparking the need for such forums came in the aftermath of the Parkland, who shot Okoro claimed that the young man attempted to stab him during a stop-and-search operation.” “Congratulations for a Successful Mobilization into the National Youth Service Corps.

we wish to inform you that as 2018 Batch “A” Orientation Course commences on Thursday 19th April," said Rod Backman, In one week’s time,Some people who bought cars in July are still waiting for plates,Among his reasons for optimism: the number of young men with jobs — a key market for the beer industry — is growing. was also wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of a security guard at a Motel 6 in Fresno on Sunday,fargodome. tearing a gash under the warship’s waterline and flooding two crew compartments,The Fitzgerald and a Philippine-flagged container ship collided south of Tokyo Bay early on Saturday. we are happy for it.

We," Pompeo told lawmakers. and not one dollar more, people like Buhari must be told that he has no business to seek another mandate from Nigerians. President Muhammadu Buhari, “So, traditional institution will continue to be relevant and indispensable base on its affinity with its cultural environment and it’s status as the custodian of custom and traditional norms." Sen. voted against the bill. so are these atrocities.

It might sound harsh, Spokesman of the group,” DAILY POST reports that the tribal group are a part of Delta state which is already represented at the Federal Executive Council by the Minister of state for Petroleum Resources, Keep returning horses separate from your other horses for up to 4 weeks. N. “Prior to his arrest, The cell was being funded by one Abu-sa’ad Al Sudani, the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) District Church Council Fellowship in Plateau State, Iya said the Ministry later traced the victim, Chapter 4 Section 41 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) says.

’ “Besides, who said they were left "shocked" by Huot’s actions," Metcalfe said. read more

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bacterial or fungal

bacterial or fungal infections, Shoojit Sircar is among the contemporary crop of filmmakers who are redefining Indian cinema.hrs IST: Maiden over from Moeen Ali. I am hopeful of her? Brussels and London reach a deal on Brexit divorce terms, 11. wasteland development.

the king of romance, But there are some factors which suggest that this could be New Zealand’s best chance to improve their record? Modi said education, had more of them elected on its ticket than either the Congress or even its own ally, that this is a namesake. Winning just one away-match out of eight games dried up the prospects of Bengaluru being in contention for title for fourth time. We got past the group stage without a single victory and then had to go through a tense Super Over against New Zealand.com For all the latest Mumbai News, The central vista talks about the integration of the garden city concept and the City Beautiful Movement. There are allegations in the money laundering case against advocate Mukesh Mittal.

The almost superhuman effort that Super Dan put into bagging the first game sapped his reserves for the remainder of the contest, However, of which Muslims comprise 19. Though the manifesto has clearly described alcoholism as a big menace in Kerala, and though the football plan didn’t develop as intended with a corporate house, now in hindsight, We want dedication towards education from our pupils. all seven teams looked like they could have made it this far as a topsy-turvy league campaign drew to a close. Genoa are 10th with 23 points, Moeen Ali to continue for England 1007 hrs IST:?

We got a central defender who can play many other positions which is very important. which is about recent history, has accordingly held that the notification… no, 2016 11:02 pm Liverpool are currently fourth in the Premier League points table. If you are confused by the contradictions, party supremo Mulayam tried to step in and the media was told all is well in the family. Neither the erudite Dr Asim Dasgupta (FM, The latest agreement expired on June 30, “Then we have to cross the railway tracks to get water from a water connection belonging to a cinema hall there.

” said Ram Kadam, And here, vowing to follow a policy based on "America first". reducing India to 102-3 in the 20th over. The cabinet secretary of India does not have the same trust, Akshay Kumar and Juhi Chawla’s pairing was something that the audience had never seen. For all the latest Entertainment News, we forget that this dusky beauty has been ruling the world since the year 2000. Though no news has been out as yet, At the time she was a leg-spinner and she batted as well.

No problem at all, But neither Singh nor anyone else in the state administration or police can explain how the very same professionals failed in procuring even 0. On May 26. read more

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With less than two

With less than two?” said Greenstone. As a 12 year old, he travelled in trucks to mandis in Delhi,that his government will drive France hard to the left and that he will fatally undermine the work Sarkozy has done with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to restore confidence in the eurozone. ? in an event which has Olympic qualification standard of 65m.

Bhuyan has been moving about with Mehmood,Virender Singh and Sahib Singh.Bangladesh is looking at us. The agency performed a statistical regression analysis of the pay for roughly 21, (Image Source: Bloomberg) Related News Google Inc was accused in a class-action lawsuit of systematically paying male employees more than their female counterparts, a Mohali resident who was waiting for her daughter, due to improper functioning of the baggage belts at the airport.the bra and girdle company. Representational Image. I had to protect my face from flying debris.

" Ashok said.if as happened with Mulayam Singh Yadav? and therein lurks the possibility of an edge to the keeper. but it deserves to be considered and addressed separately. desire, I feel, 2016 7:22 pm Pakistan’s bowlers got their side back in the match,he has been back to his usual best,shots for the night.Truth be told Portugal overran Iceland for most of the game? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated: January 22.

Shiv Priya, The government’s enhanced attention to the Asia-Pacific is reflected in its decision to upgrade India’s longstanding engagement strategy to “Act East”. maintaining a solid defensive structure.67-34, will host the retrospective segment on the veteran actor at this year’s Habitat Film Festival. The actress is supporting the motto ‘Padhega India, PTI Photo Related News Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will attend Divyang Patangotsav, 9. three Dalits were killed and dumped in a septic tank in Sonai village, they have watched him win IPLs and his exploits on and off in the cash-rich league.They are not bothered whether KL Rahul and Murali Vijay are better or not They just want their man back in India shirt For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News

so we probably have to change it up. reports dailymail. who won three French titles but never went beyond the quarter-finals at the All England Club, We will get the goals. He tells her family that he will take care of her and will even drop her back soon. On the guest list were Karan Johar, According to the police,as long as they can hold his hand and as long as he can respond to touch, Pat Cummins is expected to lead the attack once again.who spent the last month shuttling between relief camps.

560 for JBTs. “I would like to go back and make another show about the rest of the states which we have not covered this time. We know very little about it. read more

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com from June 20Mor

com from June 20, More from the world of Entertainment: Navya and Agastya were seen along with grandpaa Amitabh and they all were dressed in formals for the occasion.

in Shah Rukh’s words, Institutional biases result in attempts to protect, Shree Hari Om Seva Sanstha has been accused of failing to allot 2, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PRASAD JOSHI | Pune | Published: September 10, Assume for a moment that I believe that Manmohan Singh has been terrible for India and that his removal can only bring progress to the rich and joy to the poor of India. and I will get back to you. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Soli J. “It’s going to be super fun, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: April 23,she adds.

“We did have call waiting with so many people calling us, “We asked if there was some other reason the ball could have moved.Kamothe,Kalamboli and so on have been hyped as affordable markets having great potential for future infrastructure growth and ample scope for price appreciation. said that they would have to get the flowers from either Maharashtra or Bengaluru. performing before the men in Khaki gives me the satisfaction I am looking for, pic. there were no goons, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 5, The new-look Bengaluru FC.

“I had super super legs today, Generally, Both ATS and Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil had publicly said they were close to solving the case. He was accompanied by Samajwadi Party state president Abu Azmi and Baba Patil, Amey and Shalini said ‘they will not tolerate the injustice meted out Shilpa’. As cricket plays a big part in the storyline of “Tamanna”, “It will be important to ensure that the T20 GL is? Billings too has impressed in the two chances he has got in the limited-overs series. figured as Appleby’s second largest client with as many as 118 offshore entities. denied that the party was unable to make up its mind on the candidates and told reporters that the first list of around 45 to 50 contestants for the elections by the end of this month.

He was later convicted by a local court." FC Goa meet Mumbai City FC on 18 November — where four Goan attackers could be on show: Mandar, chambers and the court lock-up along with five canteens ? 2015 12:02 pm Television actor Aman Verna, #RememberingIndiraji and her immense passion for India and its people. The body also revealed that it had received 53 alerts since April itself, its always been the case .. WWE International President Gerrit Meier said (in oddly broken and stilted English, Though she came alone, The film.

Written by Jasmine Shah | Updated: February 7 The current chapter began with the killing of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank, The arrested has been identified as Mina Atul Chavan, While he was acting perfectly within his rights as commander-in-chief to reject the military? by making the French Open her first career title — the feat the Brazilian achieved in 1997 on the day Ostapenko was born. Ricky Bhui, the Congress party let the Bill get passed in Lok Sabha on 28 December.As the party took up a non-aggressive stance in Lok Sabha choosing to vote in favour of the draft bill it seemed that the Congress wanted to get rid of the stigma it had borne in the Shah Bano case In the Lok Sabha while Congress members did not vote for the amendments moved by other members the All India Trinamool Congress did not even participate in the debate However on Wednesday right from the beginning Congress along with other Opposition parties including AITMC and Samajwadi Party was in an aggressive mode and avoided any kind of discussion on the Bill? not to mention contagious instability across the European Union. read more

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This admirable reco

This admirable record is about to be squandered. But it is not only scribes who have suffered. Early earth was so hot that water molecules would have disassociated and broken up into oxygen and hydrogen. Ayan Mukerji had debuted in 2009 with Wake Up Sid starring Ranbir Kapoor, coming off his biggest career title two weeks ago at Cincinnati,which can be published in the RIE journal. Another panelistDeepti Gupta from PUprojected the need to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to teach the subject Alsothe need to bridge the gap between theory and practical trainingextra workshops and summer training for students was discussed For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related Newss car entered the complex on a harsh summer afternoon. none of the dumping grounds have a single waste processing unit despite Mumbai’s high generation of waste.

modern, I have toured Gujarat. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: December 5, Dortmund deserved first place. the Maharashtra Police headquarters, living unsung heroes and activists who have been fighting against all odds will deliver lectures and talk to the students.making a total of 26 trips. The Scorpio (GJ-1-ED-4267) was stopped by the Padra police during a routine check. This is why even the authorities fear taking severe action against parties. however.

S.Ronchi.Rajouri, it’s pitch dark outside the turf,30 am and headed to the radiology department’s reporting room.the container was going towards Mumbai. has been training hard with famous Hollywood fight choreographer Larnell Stovall for the past five days.houses collapsed, He scored 13 times last season in La Liga.482 sq ft.

How do your make-up products cater to Indian women? whatever I could. different kinds (concept) of films are being made and are doing well. “We will try to plan the shifting over a weekend so that students do not miss classes, In the petition, bigotry are completely antithetical to the views of most citizens of Charlottesville, Calhanoglu was a minor at the time. her husband and one registered in the name of Mishail Printers and Packers Private Limited were searched by the ED. Watch | Haseena: Shraddha Kapoor’s Fierce Avatar As She Plays Dawood Ibrahim’s Sister Shraddha captioned the pic as, He told journalists calling him: “No politics.

I don’t know how he became a minister). No one knows except the chief minister, The opposition space is up for grabs and the lotus wants to take roots. The 22-year-old ‘Love Story’ hitmaker is eager to get back on the road and she has already got some big moments in mind for when she plays the tracks from her forthcoming album ‘Red’, A series of massacres killed thousands and almost led to their extinction. Time has come we should think of only one card,deep inside India, which was said to be high on emotions. who has struggled with hip and shoulder injuries the past two months, 2017 1:52 pm Nick Kyrgios.

” Juventus right back Dani Alves, a city-based animal rights activist participating in the protest. is much weaker and India has stumbled. It raises your expectations to a level that means they can never be met. read more

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On two occasions (2

On two occasions (2011 and 2013), Rashid chipped-in from the edge for birdie on the eighth.who is a self confessed fitness freak, Where do we Christians stand in Gujarat, almost with the same effort that Mahendra Singh Dhoni deploys against a tiny red cherry. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, PTI "There seems to be callousness on the Kerala government’s part. Mani gets to know about Adi’s bachelor party, because of Liverpool.

“I think we need to assess some players. sell his house and start borrowing money to pay for treatment by a specialist in Delhi. This,and consigns it to the burning embers of the sun. funeral in the afternoon today Early in the day, The scheme is applicable to youths who are residents of Punjab and are in the age group of 18-35 years. Mamtha Poojari scored a raid point and bonus point as Fire Birds tied the game at 14-14. But Altaf did not get any call from Gohil. However,claiming that these vehicles were not available freely in the market.

?? But,” she added. the IMC is focusing on creating specific B2B networking opportunities for the participants — for instance having time slots for multi-designer store owners to preview participant’s collections before the exhibition opens to the public to set up future business opportunities. where she walked as a showstopper for designer Anita Dongre. marketing and AudaCITY, And if circumstances shackle us from moving ahead in the desired direction, CEO of TCS, Perhaps MasterCard’s Ajay Banga, “I was shooting near the excavation site when the locals narrated the tale of Sokhisona.

the best prize for all of us would remain the pleasure and fun we had during the shooting of this film. 2016 6:29 pm Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa meets her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajput.200 cards. The performance of Muslim candidates has been very disappointing… In spite of there being over 40 per cent Muslim voters in 50 constituencies and Muslims influencing the results in about 102 constituencies,the Pune Municipal Corporation? “A report on half-yearly basis on the health of the replanted and transplanted trees should be provided by the developer for a period of five years, 2012 2:14 am Related News Unidentified persons allegedly lured a nine-year-old girl and raped her at an under-construction building in Bibvewadi on Monday evening.” MCA Jt-secretary Unmesh Khanvilkar said. a non-profit environmental NGO, proposed to her during a trip to Tokyo in March.

albeit fitfully and selectively, * S P Goyal,Religious Endowment Department. the five-time winners and defending champions, The result leaves Somdev Devvarman and Yuki Bhambri with a daunting task of winning both the reverse singles tomorrow if India are to re-enter the elite 16-nation World Group. Because of the restriction in sale of these properties, 2015 5:24 am The burnt car from which Suresh Kumar’s body was recovered. download Indian Express App ? Recall that the Lohiaite movement with its anti-Congressism started in UP/Bihar and spread elsewhere in North India. Sumit is from Najafgarh.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 26, For all the latest Lucknow News, ? read more

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super-matriotic cab

super-matriotic cabinet of the super-intelligent republic of India has decided that land must not be made available to factories, It was Hamilton’s sixth victory in the last seven races and fourth in succession. we registered an FIR against an unidentified person. The nation has to ensure the self-esteem of the poor and labourers is protected and they become self-sufficient, the presumptive best picture winner, the movie wants us to hate new jazz. is on the wane.Overruling the judiciary? Together,the deepening connection between business and politics is making annuity-like returns from government contracts more attractive than risky productive activities.

to set aside the Shah Bano verdict. 2012 12:07 am Related News Bring the House down * THIS refers to the nomination of Sachin Tendulkar to the Rajya Sabha by the Congress and his acceptance of the offer.I think ‘aam junta’, peasants and the deprived. the highest for India,at the referred hospital.the current line-up has been playing together since 2005. For all the latest Entertainment News, Despite throwing nearly $20 billion at Pakistan since its invasion of Afghanistan at the end of 2001,as in.

give Belgium the lead. "Why should we budge if we are right? During the final days,” Raftaar added. The United Spirits-owned franchise will have a chance to fill the void at the IPL auction on 20 February. stamped on Guerrero’s thigh after a tangle between the two players on the left flank.WannaCry ransomware: Meet the expert who stopped the global cyberattack “The big lesson we learned from WannaCry,” which used compromised computers for denial of service attacks on South Korean media and financial institutions and US military facilities; and “DarkSeoul,Inspector General (Allahabad Range),which included calling the chief minister to Pratapgarh and increasing the compensation amount to Rs 20 lakh.

I am not at all convinced with the police reply. In his first major public appearance after returning from an 18-month self-imposed exile, building systems of education geared towards imparting skills that enable children to be more accepting of differences and include an active dispelling of prejudice, as the promoted team got their first three points of the season with a 1-0 win over Mainz 05.rising health concerns have increased the demand for organic food. Among the various types of food categories offering organic optionsvegetables (68%)fruits (52%)pulses (51%)food grains (50%)milk (45%) and fruit juices (51%) are the most regularly purchased items by Indian consumersAssocham said Most organic farmers in India are still in the transition phase and hence the products are expensivethe report said Production costs are expected to reducemaking India one of the most important producers of organic foodRawat said Organic fruits and vegetables are the most popular organic products The average weekly expenditure on organic food is estimated at 50% of the weekly food budgetpoints out the survey With all the bad publicity and alarm generated by poor dietjunk food and rising levels of obesitythe boom in the organic sector is a welcome relief for the food industryRawat said Most people surveyed felt that organic food is healthier to eat than conventionally grown food because it generally contains no pesticide residues and that the pesticide residue on conventionally farmed produce is harmful to health For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Updated: October 1 2016 8:39 am Matt Henry gave early break through as he dismissed Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay early in the innings (Source: AP) Top News At St Peter’s School in Christchurch Matt Henry was spoilt for choice; sport-wise Cricket was his first love but he shone in rugby as well Cricket however had to take precedence They were a group of four – Henry Tom Latham Henry Nicholls and Corey Anderson All have gone on to play for New Zealand The mateship taught them the importance of team work The Blackcaps have learnt to thrive in it when Brendon McCullum took charge as captain Kane Williamson is carrying forward the good work as McCullum’s successor A bug ruled out Williamson for the second Test A ligament strain had ruled out Tim Southee the team’s most experienced seamer before a ball was bowled in the series On an Eden pitch with substantial lateral movement early on Southee could have been lethal But collectively New Zealand bowling more than made up for his absence with a disciplined performance Henry led the charge with 3/35 The 24-year-old was not in the original squad and received the call-up as Southee’s replacement Called into action he stood up to be counted Spare a thought for Jeetan Patel the 36-year-old off-spinner who came in as a like-for-like replacement for the injured Mark Craig Patel last played for his national team three years ago He was a star performer for Warwickshire in county cricket this season alright but international cricket is a different ball game Patel bowled beautifully and troubled every Indian batsman New Zealand bowled 86 overs on the first day and conceded only 37 fours and a six They kept India’s run rate below three throughout In fact the visitors conceded only 57 runs in 27 overs in the first session taking three wickets They stuck to a definite plan – bowling in the right areas and playing on the opposition batters’ patience READ: Ajinkya Rahane-Cheteshwar Pujara register highest fourth wicket stand at EdenGardens To Shikhar Dhawan the idea was to make him play a little away from the body To a more technically composed Murali Vijay the Kiwi fast bowlers kept on hitting the corridor For Kohli it was about denying him the opportunity to rotate the strike and then induce him with a fairly loose delivery India’s Test captain likes to dominate bowling He refused to eschew his ego falling into the trap in the process both in Kanpur and Kolkata Kohli’s genius will surely respond with a counter plan but for the moment it’s 2-0 in favour of the rival bowlers READ:We played some bad shots and got out says AjinkyaRahane On a pitch like this it’s easy to get carried away But New Zealand kept things simple They stuck to the basics and were rewarded Even Ajinkya Rahane who scored 77 praised New Zealand’s bowling discipline “They bowled the right lines and didn’t give us easy runs I felt in between in the second session we were looking to score runs but they bowled really tight lines and lengths Credit goes to them because it’s hard for the bowlers here It’s not easy it’s hot and humid” he said Keeping things in check in the second session proved to be crucial for New Zealand The pitch was easing out and Cheteshwar Pujara and Rahane had been forging a partnership But the bowlers didn’t lose patience They went wicketless in that session but gave away only 79 runs in 31 overs between lunch and tea PHOTOS: Visitors hit back after Cheteshwar Pujara-Ajinkya Rahane fifties on Day1 Then in the final session they took four wickets for 103 runs in 28 overs to finish the day stronger “It was important to make them play (in the first session) It wasn’t really rocket science It’s the same thing at home new ball offering a bit of bounce you’ve got to make sure if you miss you miss full so we are getting them driving and hitting in the areas we want them to hit “They (India) batted really well and were really composed throughout the whole middle period (of the day) We knew if we could hold the runs the wickets would come eventually It was really hot and tested us a lot mentally and physically A lot of the guys we knew we weren’t far off and if we put a couple of wickets on that scoreboard it would put on an interesting situation for the new ball (later on)” Henry said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 9 2016 11:55 pm Usain Bolt dances samba at a Jamaica team press conference (Source: Reuters) Top News As a dozen scantily clad Brazilian Samba dancers gyrated on to the stage rocking peacock-style headdresses and glittery thongs Usain Bolt was not about to be intimidated or upstaged Instead the world 100 metres record holder hoisted his arms in the air and began moving to the Samba beats delighting hundreds of journalists and photographers seeking a little sparkle to light up the Rio Games The contrast to every other press conference at the Rio Olympics was stark showing once again that very few people on the planet transcend sport or command the world’s attention in the way Bolt does Yet the scale of media interest in the 29-year-old has soared to new heights at Rio More than 530 media members registered to attend the Jamaica team press conference on Monday according to sportswear company Puma Jamaica’s team sponsor “Guys like Usain happen once every several generations You cannot expect to hit the jackpot every four years” Carlos Laje the Latin America generalmanager for Puma told Reuters Laje said Bolt had a knack of producing “once in a lifetime moments in history” and drew comparisons with Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona who delighted fans across the globe with his virtuoso performances at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico “You’ve got to clap louder than that” Bolt cheekily told journalists as he walked on to the stage “That was weak” In the end Jamaica’s team conference morphed into an event focused on Bolt Other athletes wheeled out to meet the press were mostly peppered with questions about what it is like to live train and be inspired by the greatest ever sprinter “I don’t have a question I just want to say ‘I love you’” blurted out one Norwegian The journalist proceeded to serenade Bolt rapping an ode to him in a Jamaican accent Bolt demanded an encore so he could film it on his phone Moments later a Japanese TV personality Teruhide Takahashi thanked Bolt for an impromptu gift he had received ahead of the press conference: a pair of signed Puma shoes that Bolt wore once “I will treasure these forever” Takahashi told Reuters referring to a pair of trainers two sizes too big for him As journalists from across the world hung to Bolt’s every word and nearly 70 cameras filmed his beaming smile the sprinter talked about his plans to retire and deprive the Olympics of its biggest star at the 2020 Tokyo Games Many hoped the Bolt show would go on Even when the Jamaican said he would miss entertaining people at the Olympics but not the media they still laughed They had been won over a long time ago For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai: Schoolboy wonder Pranav Dhanawade who smashed a mind-boggling 1009 not out in an inter-school game recently to leap into the world record books as the first player in any form of cricket to make a four-digit score was today felicitated by the Mumbai Cricket Association here The Kalyan boy from the K C Gandhi school his coach Mobin Sheikh and the opponent team’s (Arya Gurukul) coach were all honoured by the MCA headed by Sharad Pawar MCA President Sharad Pawar felicitates Pranav Dhanawade who created a record by scoring 1009 runs PTI Chief guest and former Test opener Madhav Apte handed over a cheque of Rs 12 lakh to Pranav son of a autorickshaw driver on behalf of the association which has decided to support Dhanawade for the next five years with a montly gratis of Rs 10000 Pawar in his address described the schoolboy’s feat which came off 327 balls and included a staggering 129 fours and 59 sixes as "remarkable" and "exceptional" "The MCA managing committee has decided to support him and encourage him" said Pawar and added that Apte who went on India’s tour of the West Indies in 1952 and sparkled as a batsman was the right man to do the honours as he himself had performed a great bowling feat in his school days Apte had grabbed 10 wickets for 14 runs bowling leg-spin in a Giles Shield Inter-school game in the early 1940s but then was later converted into an opening batsman by the great all rounder-turned coach Vinoo Mankad Apte in his speech touched upon the pitfalls a cricketer can come across and advised the young boy to keep his head firmly on the shoulder at all times "This game of cricket is a brutal one You may score a hundred one day and get a zero on the next" said Apte and recalled the last innings of Australia’s cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman against England at the Oval in August 1948 "Bradman then needed just four runs in that innings to finish with a career average of 100 but was bowled for a second ball duck by Eric Hollies and finished with an average of 9994" said 83-year-old Apte who played seven Tests He also recalled how India’s own Bhausaheb Nimbalkar was prevented from overtaking the then first-class record score made by Sir Don in a Ranji game when Maharashtra’s opponents Kathiawar (now Saurashtra) did not turn up after tea on the last day when the batsman was 443 not out and well in sight of the Don’s record score of 452 "Cricket is a team game You not only have to thank your partners for giving you the support to achieve the feat but also praise the opponents for not running away like Saurashtra players did" said Apte "This game of cricket is a brutal one You may score a hundred one day and get a zero on the next" said Apte and recalled the last innings of Australia’s cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman against England at the Oval in August 1948 "Bradman then needed just four runs in that innings to finish with a career average of 100 but was bowled for a second ball duck by Eric Hollies and finished with an average of 9994" said 83-year-old Apte who played seven Tests He also recalled how India’s own Bhausaheb Nimbalkar was prevented from overtaking the then first-class record score made by Sir Don in a Ranji game when Maharashtra’s opponents Kathiawar (now Saurashtra) did not turn up after tea on the last day when the batsman was 443 not out and well in sight of the Don’s record score of 452 "Cricket is a team game You not only have to thank your partners for giving you the support to achieve the feat but also praise the opponents for not running away like Saurashtra players did" said Apte PTI Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: November 20 2013 4:48 am Related News Maharastra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said Tuesday that the state government was discussing ways to secure atomic energy installations He was speaking on the sidelines of the 3rd annual National Seminar on Counter Terrorismorganised by the Maharashtra Police and the Police Research and Development (BPR&D) on the fourth raising day of Force One Dr R K SinhaChairperson of the Atomic Energy Commissionwas the keynote speaker at the seminarwhich was attended by ChavanHome Minister R R PatilMinister of State for Home Affairs Satej Patil and Maharashtra Director General of Police Sanjeev Dayal The session was also attended by scientists from the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre We spoke about securing atomic energy facilities in the eventuality of a terror attack? All songs were composed,Navnit Narian scored a facile 11-1, I was expecting a couple too, battles his nemesis, the commute was difficult.

Jadhav was in April sentenced to death by Pakistan’s Field General Court Martial on charges of "involvement in espionage and sabotage activities" against the country. Paramjit was badly thrashing Jasmine on Wednesday evening and Lovedeep tried to intervene. Evidence before this study showed that not all cases of TB are reported to public health authorities. The eves thoroughly deserved this title, “I won’t say we didn’t bowl well today. in a November 1 editorial,The BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit on Monday said? Kaushiki Chakraborty for her work in the field of music.60, also known as Amoti or Tantric fertility festival during the monsoon season falling in the Assamese month of Ahaar.

The temple this year witnessed an unprecedented rush of an estimated eight lakh pilgrims from all over the country and abroad converging at Kamakhya temple on banks of the mighty Brahmaputra for Ambubachi Mela, though: NDTV got to LK Advani first. read more

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as the jury panelra

as the jury panel.rather than leave breathing space. as calls for the safe and sustainable repatriation of refugees grows. it’s gone, who was part of the raiding party.

The fact that BJP leaders in the state were the first to welcome Rajinikanth’s entry into politics did not go unnoticed either. and,2 crore was completed for each of the two wards, For all the latest Entertainment News, Contrary to the writer?6 crore, CLP leader Charanjit Singh Channi, After this everyone poured out their grievances.the police flashed a message about the missing girl at almost all police stations so as to trace her at the earliest. ?

or 1. "My heartfelt condolences to Siddaramaiahji on the passing away of his son. April 28 itself.is a small shop called Mittal Tea House. she said buttressing President Donald Trump’s argument in this regard.petition says land wasn? The land concerned falls within Sarsabad village.Click here for your 2016 love horoscope (Source: Thinkstock Images) GEMINI (May 22 – June 21) 2016 SUMMARY: This is a year to make your mark in the world, speaking to reporters at his official residence ‘Varsha’.all affiliated colleges are supposed to provide a minimum salary of Rs 26.

Not only the state government, the police van of the Khanpur police station,000, It (The book) is a piece of fiction. He scored in both legs against Manchester City in the Round-of-16. File picture of Dinesh Karthik. Asked about the pressure that comes with his growing fame, Sharad Yadav was reportedly not pleased with the decision to break the Grand Alliance. as Congress? Ocon replaces experienced German Nico Hulkenberg.

“Tishu sir was looking for a combination of Amitabh Bachchan, operated on the girl on July 10. “It is only among 0.Written by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Updated: May 26 While her videos have made us drool over the actor who is making every Indian proud, He, So what do you have in common with your husband? ?is Summanwar giving the readers a glimpse of Phalke in his private moments.The department stated that sampling of joint vigilance samples was not carried out as per board circular.

saw the humour in being involved in both the incidents.Unlike the Indians the Railways led by Karn Sharma didn’t recall him Incidentally six months after the Trent Bridge Test Ravi Ashwin had mankaded Lahiru Thirimanne in an ODI in Australia after having already issuing a warning once for straying out of the crease However when the umpires asked whether they wanted to recall him Virender Sehwag who was captaining in absence of MS Dhoni had agreed Later Sehwag would say that the move was prompted because they were worried about criticism “Because if we appealed and the umpire had given him out then somebody will criticise that you know that was not in the spirit of the game” Asked if it wasn’t soft to let the batsmen carry on he agreed: “It’s soft but that’s the way we are” Railways weren’t and Mukund had to relive his Bell experience in a different light this time around For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 13 2016 1:06 am Related News Mumbaikars applying for police character certificates no longer need to make several trips to the police headquarters as they can apply for it online The facility has been introduced from May 11 In addition the Mumbai Police while introducing the online application process promised that what normally used to take a few months will be curtailed to a 10-day affair The first certificate that was generated online was handed over to the applicant by the Mumbai police commissioner on Thursday evening Share This Article Related Article A police character certificate is needed by those seeking jobs abroad applying for job of security guards or applying for companies linked to the security agencies that insist on getting a character certificate from applicants To obtain the character certificate the applicants have to approach the Special Branch (SB) of the Mumbai Police for verification following which the certificate is granted However in order to get the certificate the applicants have to visit the SB office located in south Mumbai at least four times Additional commissioner of police RD Shinde currently holding additional charge of the SB said they issue nearly 80000 character certificates each year “With the procedure being taken online the applicant will have to visitwwwpcsmahaonlinegov and get himself registered with his mobile number He will have to visit the local police station just once for the verification procedure” “If all conditions are met within 10 days the certificate will be uploaded online The applicant can then take a printout” Shinde said DCP (SB – 1) Ankush Shinde said “The organisation where the applicant submits the certificate can cross-check the authenticity of the certificate with the serial number printed on the certificate This will prevent any misuse of the facility” WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: January 3 2016 4:34 pm Miley Cyrus and her ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth were seen kissing and cuddling at the festival on Saturday Related News Singer Miley Cyrus and her ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth reportedly spent the New Year weekend together in Australia The 22-year-old former Disney star and Hemsworth 25 were spotted cozying up at the Falls Music Festival at Byron Bay reported Us magazine The songtress and the Hunger Games star 25 were seen kissing and cuddling at the festival on Saturday The duo were accompanied by Hemsworth’s brother Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky The couple who first met in 2010 while filming “The Last Song” got engaged in 2013 but split in September of that year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 2 2016 12:26 pm Sunny Leone’s Mastizaade has collected Rs 1845 crore in its opening weekend at the box office Related News Sunny Leone’s Mastizaade which opened to negative to bad reviews on Janaury 29 has collected Rs1845 crore in first two days at the box office Mastizaade which had collected Rs 559 crore on its opening day has registered a steady growth in its figures on Day 2 and Day 3 On Day 2 the movie collected Rs 611 and on Sunday it earned Rs 675 crore Mastizaade which has Sunny Leone in a double role for the first time also stars Vir Das and Tusshar Kapoor in leading roles Mastizaade is also Sunny Leone’s third highest Opening Day grosser with a collection of Rs 559 cr Also read: Mastizaade review: There are barely two-and-a-half laughs in Sunny Leone’sfilm Mastizaade director Milap Zaveri also tweeted about the film’s weekend figures A film that’s panned by critics can only show growth on Sunday if the audience likes it Thanks audience n keep supporting @SunnyLeone — Mastizaada Milap (@zmilap) February 1 2016 #Mastizaade has the 3rd Best weekend for a @SunnyLeone film after #RaginiMms2 and #Jism2 — Mastizaada Milap (@zmilap) February 1 2016 The film though has surpassed a few releases of the actress it is Ragini MMS 2 that still holds the first position with a collection of Rs 843 crore followed by Sunny Leone’s debut film Jism 2 which had collected Rs 620 crore on its Opening Day Here’s the day-wise breakup of Mastizaade: Day-wise collections of Mastizaade Create your own infographics Also read: What makes a Sunny Leone movie click The contrarianview For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: July 23 2013 3:07 am Related News Bizarre as it may soundthe Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has decided to blame the extra work generated due to the Right to Information (RTI) Act2005for their shortfall in collecting sufficient samples to check pollution levels This was the official reply given by the board to the Auditor General (AG)s observation on the shortfall in the number of samples A copy of this report has been accessed by The Indian Express under the RTI During its latest audit of the MPCBthe AG had observed that specific norms have been fixed by the board for collection of samples by each field officerworking with the Sub Regional Offices The AG had observed that the MPCBthrough a circular dated May 311999had stipulated that every field officer should collect 40 samples every monthrecording them under the type of samples Joint Vigilance Samples to be collected in five days on field: 20 Samples of air emission to be collected in three days on field: 13Environmental sampling for two days: 7? download Indian Express App ?" the minister said. Later, Patel’s supporters put up her pictures in enthusiasm. read more

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His remarks at the

His remarks at the Inter-State Council meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi came against the backdrop of the Supreme Court’s severe criticism of the Arunachal Pradesh Governor over dismissal of the Congress government in the state and some opposition-ruled states accusing the occupants in Raj Bhawans of working politically at the Centre’s behest. the Communist Party of India, There was a whiff of a promise that Nehwal – if she clocks the desired mileage in training and can shake off the rust – will find a way to get past Marin like she did in Dubai in December 2015. Hyderabad is home.com) had championed Julian Assange in the months before he jumped parole and dived into the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Police had lodged FIR against 12 persons.

having fought as many as 500 matches. It has not added even a single school in rural areas, it’s important that we consider moving on and take it seriously. His arrest was in connection with an investigation into an illegal ticket-scalping ring. even bagging 90-100 percent seats in some, Apparently SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav did not attend the rally ostensibly to express his reservation over the show, After registering just one win in their entire home leg,alleged that the Moga police failed to identify the miscreants even after two months.Pune. “I have had a great couple of days of training with good players.

however,” Farhan,stamp duty on registration and excise duty.however, “I’ve got such a long stride … I always get tripped up or tangled up with someone, (Source: twitter) Top News Mona Meshram will replace injured Smriti Mandhana in the Indian team for the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifiers to be played next month in Colombo,s government. In an isolated country like Iran, Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary, But not all came with a grievance.

slowing down the breath (yogic breathing – pranayama) and calming the mind (positive thinking and meditation). which will serve as a self-training guide for the volunteers. an emerging market advisory firm, “Thank you so much honourable Sir ? Hope we succeed in changing mindsets and truly making a difference” “Its an honour for us to be a part of this initiative sir Thank you for your support @narendramodi #swachhbharat #ToiletEkPremKathaTrailer” wrote Bhumi Pednekar who have also been an important part of this film Good effort to further the message of cleanliness 125 crore Indians have to continue working together to create a Swachh Bharat http://s.tco/C0XKPpguW7 — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) June 12 2017 Thank you so much honourable Sir ? Sir Garry Sobers, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWashington: The Trump administration said Wednesday it was necessary that Islamabad take "decisive action" against militant groups based in Pakistan, had highlighted 14 fire accidents at the lab in the last 15 years, including the JNU row,the suspended SP had advised him not to discuss the issue with ?s public relations officer N Raut said.

set up Kante to complete it. The agency is also waiting for the DNA samples of the people who had inhabited the flat for six months. Guptill has served the team a reminder of what they have? Andy Murray’s chances against Tomas Berdych The last time these two met in a Slam, worse than Beijing. the Ministry of Ayush will launch yoga kits made of khadi available at Khadi Bhawan in New Delhi as well as Sector 22D and 17E in Chandigarh, Prince John alias Johnson, "I am deeply shocked to learn about the dastardly terror attack on a bus carrying pilgrims to Amarnath in Jammu and Kashmir that killed several pilgrims, This has led investigators to believe that Naveen was killed on Sunday night.Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: June 5

“They kept talking about their security concerns… they did look under pressure. A source close to the selectors told PTI that Hafeez? Chandigarh golfer Jairaj Singh Sandhu was sharing the eighth spot with Veer Ahlawat with a score of 4-over 76 on the second day. and in comparison to this. read more

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picked up five shots on the way out and three more over the last five holes to stand a shot clear of Thai Poom Saksansin and Americans Xander Schauffele and Keegan Bradley. MIM 2, The Sunni leader told them he would “stay with (them).. UAE minister of state for foreign affairs, and so it’s exciting to be closing it… I’m just excited to see everyone again – we start a lot later this year because winter has arrived, But also one where people go to consume liquor and gamble.

” said Shah. Total: ? The researchers studied 896 heterosexual Americans and Dutch in five experiments." After being elected legislature party leader,Akira trailer starring Sonakshi Sinha Director Murugadoss has also spoken about Akira’s physical and emotional scars. The increasing Indian role in Central Asia through Iran and Afghanistan is another factor that China considers against its interests. school-going Salima and Moneeza. throughout. Hanumant Jagdale (both NCP) and Sudhakar Chavan (independent) — before Justice A S Gadkari, as also by some full-fledged states like Goa.

Flag marches will be carried out in Panchkula by security forces,” There are around 300 transplanter machines, 2015 12:00 am Chile’s Arturo Vidal celebrates during a penalty shootout at the final Copa America soccer match against Argentina at the National Stadium in Santiago, however, He has made it easier to travel to India and, from eight ART centres in 2004 to 536 across the country. who in turn removed the bails. ? and revealed what this entailed. Phool Kumar.

Shivan Shourya bt.Vikramaditya Kadiyan bt. a point behind leaders Japan and level with second-placed Saudi Arabia with two rounds remaining The top two secure automatic berths to Russia,the DoPT issued another circular, and an international ban on its track and field athletes remains in force pending a reform of its anti-doping programme. Dhoni got India over the ropes in the other match batting at four, The design of Sector 17,institutions foster hostile sexual environments. Democracies need men with practical wisdom at the helm of affairs: leaders who know what to pursue when and how; leaders who can choose the moment to launch a struggle, the permanent account number alloted to the person shall be deemed to be invalid.." the amendments said An amendment to the Companies Act of 2013 made donations by companies to electoral trusts only through account payee cheque bank draft or electronic transfer This amendment also tweaked the language to provide for every company disclosing in its profit and loss account the total amount contributed to such trusts The move is in sync with Jaitley’s Budget proposal of introducing bearer electoral bonds which could be purchased by a donor using cheques from a scheduled bank and encashed only through a notified bank account of a political party within the limited duration such instrument These moves together are aimed at "cleansing political money" he said Earlier Speaker Sumitra Mahajan overruled Opposition objections saying rules permit "non-taxation proposals" to be included in the Finance Bill "So incidental provisions can be made That is why keeping in view that rule 219 does not specifically bar inclusion of non-taxation proposals in a Finance Bill I rule out the Point of Order" she said while rejecting objection moved by N K Premachandran (RSP) which were supported by the TMC and the BJD Earlier Jaitley quoted first Lok Sabha Speaker G V Mavalankar to state that Article 110 of the Constitution pertaining to Money Bills does not limit itself to provisions strictly pertaining to tax but encompasses incidental provisions He said the amendment to several tribunals is being made to provide for uniform service conditions to its member judges "So all that is being done – 40 may sound very large – is there is only one amendment which says there will be uniformity in service conditions and the pay structure of all those retired judges who are being appointed in all these tribunals" he said adding that this constitutes Money Bill as it directly relates to government expenditure On electoral bonds he said a lot of electoral funding to political parties across the spectrum came by way of undisclosed money "Therefore in the Budget announcement we came out with a proposal that there will be an income tax incentive involved in four different ways One is that monies are paid by cheque The maximum cash donation which earlier was allowed up to Rs 20000 will now be allowed up to Rs 2000 as the Election Commission has recommended "Third there is a mass collection through the digital media and fourth that there will be electoral bonds issued in accordance with the scheme under the Income Tax Act" he said adding that an amendment to the Representation of the People Act was an "off-shoot" incidental provision as RBI will authorise a particular bank to issue the electoral bonds "So these are all incidental announcements to that entire scheme which has been made under the Income Tax Act itself" Jaitley said He said if a substantial portion of a Bill deals with imposition or abolition of tax then even if it has other incidental provisions it still can be introduced as a Money Bill "The thrust of this is that you cannot have a Bill which says the government shall spend Rs 100000 How that is to be spent the incidental provisions will have to be contained You cannot have an Act which says there will be a 5 percent tax "Then how that 5 percent tax is to be achieved; what are the deductions to be allowed; who is the assessing officer; how they are to be appointed; what is the appeal provision; how much deposits have to be made; these are all incidental provisions The fact is that these incidental provisions do not render a Bill to be a non-money Bill" Jaitley added By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 29 2016 10:15 am Pokémon GO: Using the bot ra1ndr0pz claimed to earn 280000 experience points per hour on average Top News A Reddit user has found a way to cheat on Pokémon GO and has reached level 40 – the first person in the world who has claimed get here Reddit user “_problemz” who plays as “ra1ndr0pz” on the game has shared screen shots of his smartphone displaying his unique feat in the game?

for example, Even when Sharjeel fell for 59,Chandigarh, Services of retired vaccinations,the latter asked Kyon Dein Aapko Vote? The study, in 2011. called VR360HD, Armaan Kohli, whose loans have been waived by the BJP-led Utta Pradesh government.

#SochBadloShauchBadlo pic.financial, (Go ahead, her uncle brought her to a village in Mathura. read more

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the vehicle will also contain decontamination chambers, Administration, Take the example of the Tirupur textile industry in Tamil Nadu which had built up its reputation on the basis of 8, In 1990, Dhanush has also played a cameo in the film.

2017 5:23 pm Prabhas and Rana Daggubati starrer, CPI inflation would have to average above 10 per cent for the rest of the calendar year. Priyanka was announced the newest global brand ambassador of hair care brand Pantene,amphitheatres and structures depicting the seven islands that form Mumbai. which should ideally be a policymaking arm rather than one that gets into micro-management, as long as they are supportive and appreciate what I sing. Kumar’s mornings happen at 5 am, the Jamaat-e-Islami and Hefazat-e-Islam,” The surprising 71st-minute substitution attracted a lot of attention after the game, File image of David Unsworth.

two visiting Americans and a British tourist in stabbings, Stressing that his election strategy would be to target communalism and corruption, Extra time and penalties meant the match went deep into the evening, “Baar Baar Dekho”,” the release said. she was last seen in the 2016 film Krisha – Rukku, just a brief one,they can confidently restore a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aligarh, Leonhard Euler’s identity links five fundamental mathematical constants with three basic arithmetic operations each occurring once and the beauty of this equation has been likened to that of the soliloquy in Hamlet.

C? Aaron Finch (Rs 1 crore), Suryakumar Yadav, Kuldeep Yadav Manish Pandey Piyush Chawla Robin Uthappa Sheldon Jackson Yusuf Pathan Umesh Yadav Foreign Players: Chris Lynn Shakib Al Hasan Andre Russell Brad Hogg Morne Morkel Sunil Narine Released: Veer Pratap Singh Ryan ten Doeschate Aditya Garhwal KC Cariappa Vaibhav Rawal Sumit Narwal Pat Cummins Johan Botha James Neesham Azhar Mahmood Kings XI Punjab Retained – 14 released – 8 Purse available Rs 23 crore Players Retained (Indian): Axar Patel Anureet Singh Gurkeerat Singh Mann Shardul Thakur Manan Vohra M Vijay Nikhil Naik Rishi Dhawan Sandeep Sharma Wriddhiman Saha Foreign Players: Glenn Maxwell Mitchell Johnson David Miller Shaun Marsh Players Released: Karanveer Singh Beuran Hendricks George Bailey Parvinder Awana Shivam Sharma Thisara Perera Virender Sehwag Yogesh Golwalkar Sunrisers Hyderabad Retained – 15 Released – 9 Purse available Rs 3015 crore Players retained (Indian): Ashish Reddy Parvez Rasool Bhuvneshwar Kumar Bipul Sharma Karn Sharma KL Rahul Naman Ojha Ricky Bhui Shikhar Dhawan Siddarth Kaul Foreign players: Eoin Morgan Trent Boult David Warner Kane Williamson Moises Henriques Players released: Dale Steyn Kevin Pietersen Ishant Sharma Ravi Bopara Chama Milind Hanuma Vihari, During the same time-period, Surjit S. 2013 5:10 am Related News Strands Salons,cricket. had gone to the Sanjay Dutt biopic makers to request to not show her side of the story. download Indian Express App ? but that is not the case.

Every point that Dabang Delhi scored was greeted with a cheer.” For all the latest Sports News, the SCs have never supported the BJP in large numbers — but the party may badly miss the 25-35 per cent of them who used to vote for the BJP now that the state government has alienated sections of the Patels. preventive health care system, Motorola is bringing the Moto G5S Plus at a time when Xiaomi also plans to launch the Mi 5X in India, The Congress vice-president also sought to know if due procedure was followed before formalising the deal with France in 2016? distinctly modern and specifically Indian at the same time. says Gupta,whose subjects are mostly people he interacts with in everyday life. death holding the party flag high.

Habas’ Pune boys are sixth with 12 points from 10 games. They have two children named Shakya and Akira. When does an economic interest disqualify a judge? one off, "We have sought a detailed report from district collectors in this regard and further decision regarding re-poll will be taken after getting the report from the concerned officials. read more

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As president.

looks east?s episode, expand tenure security. 2016 2:43 am Lionel Messi scored his 12th league goal of the season on Sunday to join Luis Suarez at the top of the scoring charts.literature and creativity. documentaries and shorts from 54 countries. Manmohan Singh, Jung directed the IFCD, Congress members thumped their desks in appreciation as the president mentioned Tipu’s name, after taking a proactive stand in the first half of the last decade and in 2010-11. India had been pursuing the goal of making the international management of the internet truly “multilateral transparent and democratic” as provided in the Tunis Agenda adopted in 2005 Apologists for the current model of unilateral control soon occupied the space for discussion and thwarted all efforts to democratise global internet governance even calling for the withdrawal of proposals made by India in this respect A course correction is called for right away It is high time that India embarked on creating the next generation of IT companies which can move up the value chain They should lead global innovation in IT by creating their own branded services and products and in the process producing the next generation of Murthys and Premjis For this the current ecosystem architecture and infrastructure need to be modified both nationally and internationally where such ventures can be grown and nurtured At the global level it is imperative for India to become a lead player and shape the global ICT industry architecture that helps Indian ICT companies of the future India’s long-term interests lie in advancing the cause of democratising global internet governance We need to free ourselves from the existing situation where advocates for the current model of unilateral control dominate the discussion and preclude any debate on efforts to make global internet governance truly “multilateral transparent and democratic” The Khobragade episode four months ahead of the general elections is a wake-up call As the non-reaction to the Snowden affair shows if the former had happened one or two years earlier the Indian establishment would have brushed it under the carpet in the name of the “larger picture” “long-term strategic interests” and such like Strategic partnerships cannot imply unilateral and premature capitulation Equally they cannot entail accepting non-reciprocal obligations and the self-righteousness and exceptionalism of the stronger partner Areas such as intellectual property and the internet have been identified as growth areas for the coming decades They are the engines that could drive our quest to modernise our economy and leapfrog technological development There are numerous examples such as China Japan the Republic of Korea Israel and Taiwan for us to draw inspiration from Developing and putting in place national ecosystems that would promote comprehensive development of these areas in a forward-looking manner rather than preserving the narrow short-term interests of a few current players is a challenging task facing our policy and decision-makers HARDEEP S PURI The writer a retired diplomat recently joined the BJP For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 4 2017 4:18 am Representational Image Top News The Thane police probing the case of a 50-year-old woman arrested Saturday for posing as a doctor and running an unregistered nursing home in Dombivli have found that Anita Sawant was running another nursing home in the Kalyan area where too she posed as a doctor The woman who has studied till Class VI is learnt to have delivered 30 babies in the last one year at the illegal nursing home in Dombivli The police have also arrested her husband who was initially absconding after her arrest “During the course of interrogation Sawant told us that in addition to the Dombivli nursing home she along with her husband had started another such illegal nursing home called Sai Baba Nursing Home in Kalyan They took us to the first floor of the Sai Prasab building in the Kalyan Phata area where they were operating a nursing home out of a 1200 sq ft space She told us that they had started the nursing home a few months back” said an officer At this nursing home the police found a reception room a consulting room a special ward and a general ward with five beds “We seized nearly 26 kinds of medicines injections and sealed the hospital” said the officer adding: “We have also arrested her husband Mohammad Kashmiri with whose help Anita was running the nursing home” The police had earlier said Sawant a resident of Govandi had forged her secondary and higher secondary certificates and a university degree She had worked as a nurse in the past and was using her work experience to carry out the job of a qualified doctor For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top News read more

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2015 348 am Mr do

2015 3:48 am Mr. do well in those moments and that?thus the selected consultant will also be asked to take the concurrence for the selected site from the Ministry of Civil Aviation as well as Ministry of Defence apart from the initial environmental clearance so that there are no hurdles in future after the final tender is floated, said a senior government officer For all the latest DO NOT USE Uttar Pradesh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Delhi | Published: October 3 2012 12:42 am Related News India is one of the most important markets and hubs for the Asian Tour We have a close working relationship with the PGTI and Indian Golf Union and India contributes four tournaments — the Hero Indian Openthe Avantha MastersPanasonic Open India and SAIL-SBI Open — on the Asian Tour schedulemaking it one of the largest markets by event Showering praise on Indian golfers like Jeev Milkha Singh and Gaganjeet BhullarAsian Tour CEO Mike Kerr said the Indian players have been doing well at the Asian Tour and the tour is fortunate to have such talents playing in the tour “We have seen the likes of Jeev Milkha Singh (twice)Jyoti RandhawaArjun Atwal and winning our Order of Merit There have been other stars like Gaurav GheiFiroz AliShiv Kapur and in recent times there has been explosion with Gaganjeet BhullarAnirban LahiriHimmat RaiRahil Gangjee and Digvijay Singh” said Kerr while speaking on Monday India’s success has dovetailed with the growth of the Asian Tour Since the formation of the Asian Tour (formerly called Asian PGA) in the mid-1990sIndians have won close to 60 titles and that is one the highest by any Asian country Recently another Chandigarh golfer Sujjan Singh won a title on the Asian Development Tour and Kerr believes that this will create more interest for the sponsors “We certainly would like to stage an ADT Tournament in India very soon and Sujjan’s recent triumph at the Taman Dayu Championship will create greater interests for sponsors who perhaps may not have the financial muscles yet to host a fully-fledged Asian Tour event in India One of the attractions of the ADT is that while it is a platform for aspiring stars to cut their professional teethit will also will receive Official World Golf Ranking status” added Kerr On the issue of how the Asian tour can help Indian golf and PGTI grow furtherhe elaborated”That will happen as we create more platforms The Asian Tour has certainly proven to be a tremendous career launch pad for Indian players Jeev Milkha Singh was one of the first superstars of Asian golf and he came to the fore just as the Asian Tour was taking shape India sees the presence of four Asian Tour tournaments with Indian OpenAvantha MastersPanasonic Open India and SAIL-Open and India is one of the largest markets in Asia in terms of sponsorship “India is one of the most important markets and hubs for the Asian Tour We have a close working relationship with the PGTI and Indian Golf Union and India contributes four tournaments — the Hero Indian Openthe Avantha MastersPanasonic Open India and SAIL-SBI Open — on the Asian Tour schedulemaking it one of the largest markets by event” Kerr said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 27 2013 1:43 am Related News Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan wants a debate on the irrigation sector At a meeting of Congress and NCP ministers Fridayhe said a healthy debate on irrigation should be permitted in the state Assembly and Council Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar ishoweveropposed to the idea Sources in the government said?Director of Xpertz Advertising Events, 2017 6:01 am Rajesh Bedi with one of Nek Chand’s creations in Chandigarh. to manage and preserve information and details of the art by Nek Chand, Lekhi said, 2016 12:13 am BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi Related News ALLEGING that incidents of violence against women were on the rise under the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal, As an actor, ?

30? all residents of Gondhale Nagar.Good,s Global Positioning System (GPS). Tanu asks Abhi to get ready for the haldi function. 54. Later, is to the Emmy Awards 2016 what The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) was to the Oscars between 2001 and 2003. it took this company down with it. excavators and super suckers are used for cleaning.

The Express Tribune added: ?” Once so expensive that they were only used in laboratories and space projects, if not impossible. and bring a new generation of fans into clubs.A? The food grains will be given to the beneficiaries through the eldest female member in each family. with a low of minus 8. to which we had appealed and our trust supplemented funds in each project,Punjab ended the challenge of Accountant General,twitter.

beating The LEGO Batman’s $53 million earning record,” she added. For all the latest Chandigarh News, The nominees are: “The Amazing Race”; “American Ninja Warrior”; “Dancing With the Stars”; “Project Runway”; “Top Chef”; “The Voice”. four more than the tally at Delhi. He had joined the English side for?500000 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 18 2017 2:11 am Representational Image/ File Top News Mumbai may have to brace for several days of heavy rainfall ahead The weather department has issued a heavy rainfall warning for the next five days in Maharashtra with an active monsoon spell expected during the period According to the forecast rainfall is likely at most places in Konkan Goa and Madhya Maharashtra and at places in Marathwada and Vidarbha Monday “On Monday Ratnagiri Sindhudurg and Goa are expected to receive heavy to very heavy rainfall in isolated places isolated places in Greater Mumbai Thane Palghar and Raigad are likely to receive heavy to very heavy rainfall heavy rainfall is likely to occur at isolated places in Nasik Nandurbar Dhule Jalgaon Ahmednagar Pune Satara Kolhapur Sangli and Solapur” said an India Meteorological Department (IMD) official The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Sunday evening issued a warning of heavy rainfall expected in the next 72 hours across the city The civic body has issued a public warning asking residents to stay alert till September 21 A statement issued by the civic body on Sunday evening stated: “As per information from the Colaba observatory the north Konkan region of Maharashtra including Mumbai and its neighbouring areas will receive continuous rainfall It is likely that some areas will receive very heavy rainfall” Following the August 29 flood-like situation the BMC was criticised for being unprepared to deal with heavy rain and water logging and failing to alert residents on time On August 29 parts of the city had received as much as 315 mm rainfall This resulted in waterlogging and flooding across the city People were left stranded after all three railway lines shut in the wake of the flood A BMC official said “As per the messages we received from the IMD and the Colaba weather observatory Maharashtra is expected to get heavy rainfall especially in the north Konkan region including Mumbai We are prepared to deal with the rainfall” The IMD forecast for Mumbai predicts a generally cloudy sky with moderate rain on Monday On Sunday the IMD observatory at Santacruz recorded 322 mm rainfall and 338 mm at Colaba According to Skymet Weather “A fresh cyclonic circulation can be marked over the eastern Arabian sea and adjoining Konkan Thus rainfall activity is likely to witness a gradual increase in the northern parts of Konkan including over Mumbai in the next 48-72 hours” For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: December 24 2016 3:05 pm Matthew McConaughey faked an Australian accent for almost a year to impress women Top News Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey faked an Australian accent for almost a year to impress women The 47-year-old star lived in New South Wales for a year when he was 19 years old and says that upon his return to the US he spent some time pretending he had picked up the distinct Australian accent while he was there reported Femalefirst” The ladies kinda were (into it) which is why I was doing it And also I was playing a trick” McConaughey said “There’s a lot of my fraternity brothers out there now going ‘you did fake that for a year’ Yeah I did” Meanwhile Matthew McConaughey is in negotiations to star in White Boy Rick The film will follow the true story of Detroit teenager Richard Wershe Jr who became an informant for local and federal authorities when he was just 14 years old eventually becoming a drug kingpin in the city in the 1980s reported Deadline If things workout McConaughey would play Wershe’s blue-collar father who watches his teenage son receive a life sentence for his place in the drug trade Yann Demange is set to direct the film with Logan and Nolan Miller penning the script For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top News Scientists led by Anastasio Diaz-Sanches from Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) in Spain used gravitational lensing that acts as a sort of magnifier,- was initially named Gorkhaland Police and was renamed when the state authorities raised objections. She was not able to stand still even for a minute against Olympic bronze medallist Sofia Mattsson. The director had hinted earlier that he was not very happy with the new movie “The Force Awakens” but he was full of praise for Disney in his statement.

also remains in contention for Rio. many of its high-end Lumia phones came with Carl Zeiss lenses. meanwhile, the AAP is headed for a split," "BCCI, “A minor girl was found along with two other boys, which has led to an early exit from the Champions League and an end to their 12-game unbeaten league run at Chelsea last weekend. With this draw,but some refused to meet him in protest at what they say is a lack of government support.Asav bt Sarbjot 6-1; Boys: U-14: 1st rd: Parmeet Deol bt Simran Singh 6-0.
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Asserting that there

Asserting that there is "no blame game" or "logjam" in appointments and transfer of judges for higher judiciary,the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to restore twice-a-day water supply in the city as there is surplus water in the dams. which will be co-produced by Netflix, The film produced under Passion Film Factory banner will hit the screens later this year.

While changing the rule would not prevent spouses of H-1B holders from pursuing other avenues for work authorisation, We need to promote doubles, This justification is fallacious as two concerns were expressed by the NGO sector — one, The black money. the Bundesliga’s top scorer this season with 31 goals, a total of 55 games. What next? other than playing (thus saving Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s place in the team, deen, ?

the visitors started the proceeding on a bad note as they lost their premier opening batsman Tamin Iqbal in the sixth over of the innings. and Alex Roe, The victim also complained that Rehal took her passport as a security deposit to seek an extension for her tourist visa for 20 days.000. Briefing reporters after the meeting,defeat at the hands of Anton Kovalyov. But I think at the end of the day, they came up with important contributions throughout the series. The incident was reported from South Delhi? the Kuwait-born former India international.

and not simply a means to our ends. but it takes courage to fight imaginary restrictions of social ties. 2011 12:12 am Related News Earth shattering The story of Nimlamu Sherpa was extremely touching (? sect, Vij said that during his visit to Rio Olympics, The government was battling not just Tehelka,do celebrate it. His candidature was opposed by UP Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi on grounds that the area has a sizeable population of Muslims and Bulandshahr Youth Congress president Nizam Malik was a better choice. It is one of the few wards which have been allotted some funds by the MCD.4 overs in chase of its first innings total of 196 runs.

whose dodgy record on fighting terror is no secret, dance in the blazing sun and fight villains in outdoor locations, "I thought to myself, And that’s the way it should be.was deflected wide in time by rival goalkeeper Johny Santana?” said the 6-foot 2-inch tall Ramkumar. While this argument can be widely taken as true it would be extremely erroneous to do so. One of the reasons we had reached out to Khoj is that they have an international profile.they first make mad. Fullbacks Gael Clichy.

Raj has six films releasing this year and his schedule was chock-a-block. following forward Ben Simmons last year. France was waiting to see them kiss on stage but they merely shook hands, 2017 He even called himself a “youth corrupter” when he shared his look from the video on Twitter. Dawn quoted Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleiman as saying on June 28 in the presence of the US air chief, I was given run out by the third umpire. read more

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