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first_imgThere’s always a few family members and friends that you can count on to give you absolutely incredible gifts… and similarly, more than a few who seem to make a point of giving you dud gifts. You’d think that living in the era of Amazon wish lists would obviate a lot of this, but I still have friends who seemingly know nothing about my personality than the fact that I “like books,” and give me the latest Danielle Steele novel for Christmas accordingly.Amazon’s looking to change that with a new patent that helps protect you from receiving dud gifts by allowing you to return unwanted presents before you even receive them. According to the patent, the new procedure would allow Amazon users to convert gifts from a specific giver to presents they want more. Here’s how it works: you set up a list on Amazon of people whose gift giving instincts you don’t entirely trust. When these individuals try to send you a gift through Amazon, you then get an alert that tells you exactly what they’re sending, and offering you the ability to silently convert purchases from any potential sender… while also sending them a thank you note automatically! How cheeky!I have to say, even though I admire the idea, this is a pretty ingrateful way to handle receiving a gift. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Silently exchanging a gift before it’s even opened seems a pretty crappy way to reward someone’s love and generosity.Read more at Washington Postlast_img

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