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first_imgThis past Sunday John Smoltz of Atlanta was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.  The starting pitcher/reliever believes that he may be the last pitcher who had Tommy John surgery to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  His theory in collaboration with Dr. Jobe is that pitchers today throw too hard and do not learn how to pitch correctly.  Smoltz believes that a pitcher’s arm will last much longer if you throw a variety of pitches rather than just see how hard you can throw.Smoltz also believes that if you have Tommy John surgery you should take at least 14 months off after having the surgery.  Some pitchers today are coming back to pitching in less than a year.  It is not uncommon for a pitcher to have two or more Tommy John surgeries.If you are a kid, he believes you need to take 2-4 months each year when you do not throw or play a game.  He does not believe in year-round pitching.  There have been almost 300 Tommy John surgeries for pro pitchers since 2000.  Smoltz would say that Aroldis Chapman is not his idea of a pitcher, but just a thrower.last_img

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