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first_imgIf athlete’s were not getting their names in public enough for some of their off-field exploits, now we have the marijuana debate going on in society.  After all, it is legal in Colorado to deal in marijuana.  Does that mean an adult athlete in Colorado can freely participate in its usage just like any other citizen of the state?  What kind of rules can a university place on its student athletes?All across the United States there is more and more support for legalizing this plant, and each voting period it seems another state makes it legal.  How many tests can an athlete fail and still participate?  Some universities now allow 2 failed tests before they suspend the athlete.  Everyone knows that whatever drug people start out with, most will eventually try something harder.  We do not need collegiate athletes snorting heroin.If you do not clamp down on marijuana, what will you do with the casual use of alcohol by athletes and their occasional DWI’s and/or DUI’s?  Do you allow them 2 failed tests, also?  It is not an easy solution unless you ban everything.last_img

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