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first_imgI guess the New England Patriots Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are at it again.  I know you have heard by now that they found 11 of the 12 game balls used by the New England Patriots were 2 pounds below playing weight.  Everyone theorizes that this was done to help Brady, his receivers, and his running backs grip the ball better in poor weather conditions.  For those who don’t know, each team uses their own type of football in pro football games.This is not the first time Belichick and his team have tried to see just what the rules might allow them to do.  A few years back they were part of “Spy Gate” in which they tried to steel signals from the coaches of the opposing team during a game.  It is also rumored that they might have tried lip reading as well to pick up plays from their opposition.This bad reputation the Patriots are earning even goes back to snow removal which occurred during some of those famous winters in New England.  They reportedly removed snow for the Patriots but let their opposition struggle in the deep slush.  If you believe in retribution, Seattle should win the Super Bowl.last_img

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