TOO MANY VIOLATORS: Traffic fines projected at over half a million pesos

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first_imgThe most common traffic violationswere illegal parking, road obstruction, disregarding traffic signs, jaywalking,and counter-flowing, he revealed. The objective is not to rake in hugefines but to curb traffic violations by instilling road discipline, stressedPSTMO head Jeck Conlu. ILOILO City – Fines from apprehendedtraffic violators at the Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. Avenue in Mandurriao districtare projected to exceed half a million pesos. The Public Safety andTransportation Management Office (PSTMO) of the city government, however, isnot happy. As of Feb. 16, 2,438 apprehensionswere made for various traffic violations along the 14-kilometer avenue, a pilottraffic discipline zone (TDZ) in the city where all traffic regulations areenforced strictly. Having a traffic discipline zone isone of the moves of the city government to ease traffic congestion and          curb road accidents. But itslong-term plan is to have an intelligent traffic system (ITS) that former mayorJed Patrick Mabilog proposed in 2017. The Philippine National Police,Highway Patrol Group and Land Transportation Office are helping the PSTMO. These include the speed limitordinance, the ordinance against modified mufflers, points where to load andunload passengers, the law on the use of helmets and other body protectivegears by motorcycle riders and the maximum number of back riders allowed, thelaw on the use of seatbelts, the law on the non-use of cellphones while drivingand clearing of windshields from gadgets that directly distract the driver’sline of sight, among others. Conlu, however, clarified that thegoal of the TDZ is the promotion of road discipline among drivers andpedestrians and not raising money. The avenue, also known as theDiversion Road, as TDZ started on Jan. 16 “Given ‘ni iya that on the first one month of TDZ implementation mataas ang apprehension kay gina enforce ta pa lang strictly ang mga trafficrules and regulations,” he explained. After the Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr.Avenue, next to be made a traffic discipline zone is McArthur Drive fromBarangay Tabuc Suba, Jaro district to Barangay Balantang. “The projected total amount ofpenalties, although some have been collected already, is P683,900,” said Conlu.center_img Like the Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr.Avenue, McArthur Drive is also “problemadopirmi sa traffic because of lack of discipline,” he explained. SPEED CHECK. A traffic enforcer checks the speed of these vehicles on Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. Avenue, a traffic discipline zone in Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Drivers’ lack of discipline contributes to traffic congestion and causes vehicular accidents. PN PHOTO “TDZ will be successful kon mapanubo naton ang dakpanay,” hesaid. As proposed by Mabilog, the firstphase of the ITS would be on the Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. Avenue because thishighway is prone to vehicular accidents due to overspeeding drivers. Phase II would be on the coastal road,Phase III on the McArthur Highway Drive going to the municipality of Leganes,Iloilo and Phase IV on the Circumferential Road going to Oton, Iloilo./PN “I want this scheme initially tried onthe Diversion Road para mapakita ngapwede maobra ini,” said Mayor Jerry Treñas. An ITS involves the use ofclosed-circuit television cameras capable of determining the speed of vehicles(if they are overspeeding) and of recording them. It would also entail theestablishment of a command/monitoring center. An ITS is projected to discouragedrivers from disregarding traffic rules and regulations. It would also help lawenforcers to easily identify and catch violators. What are the traffic rules andregulations being enforced? Traffic enforcers are armed with, amongothers, breath analyzers to catch those driving while under the influence ofalcohol and speed guns to catch drivers who are exceeding the speed limit. last_img

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