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first_imgBACOLOD City – Gov. Eugenio Jose“Bong” Lacson will ask Provincial Board members to pass a resolution opposingthe proposed liberalization of the country’s sugar industry. He said their group is ready to meetand present their concerns to President Duterte./PN Lacson added he will request Vice Gov.Jeffrey Ferrer to lead the passage of the resolution. “We join them in calling out theDepartment of Agriculture and the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) fortheir deafening silence on this matter,” Tatak Kalamay added. He added: “Just like what is happeningin the sugar industry where the government is scrambling to help rice farmersbecause of the rice tarrification. I think we should learn from that.” He noted that in Negros Occidental, 85percent of sugar farmers are agrarian reform beneficiaries. Tatak Kalamay has asked localgovernment units to show support by passing resolution in their respectiveareas opposing the sugar import liberalization because of its detrimentaleffect to the sugar industry. Raymund Montinola, one of theconvenors, slammed SRA administrator Hermingildo Serafica for his seemingsilence and ‘washes his hands and does not seem to know his work.” “The unabated importation of sugarwill drastically affect the lives of these people,” the governor said. According to Lacson, the provincialgovernment is “in support of the move of Tatak Kalamay.” “The sugar industry is under siegeagain and we condemn in the strongest term what we preceived as a sell-off ofthe Philippine Agriculture in general,” the group said in a press conference onSunday. Notwithstanding what has beenhappening to our rice industry, the crisis we have in the livestock and otheragricultural sector, the economic managers have once again set their eyes onour industry with their proposed liberalization of sugar importation, theysaid. “I’m sure the incumbent board memberswill be ready to pass a resolution. The previous board members also opposed theshift to high fructose corn syrup way back when it was the issue,” he said. Earlier, Tatak Kalamay urged PresidentRodrigo Duterte to junk the proposed sugar import liberalization. Emilio Yulo, sugar farmersrepresentative to the sugar board, said the problems of the sugar industry is“an economic that needs a political solution.”last_img

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