Noel Buje no longer exists, but San Canzian Village & Hotel will continue to be a place of high gastronomic offer

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first_imgIn the Istrian village of only three inhabitants near Grožnjan, in the middle of last year, San Canzian Village & Hotel was located – a new five-star boutique hotel. A unique place that exudes an authentic Istrian atmosphere, combining traditional and modern offers guests an individual approach and superior service. San Canzian has a total of 24 rooms and suites inspired by Istrian charm that are fused into a medieval ambience. After the successful completion of the first phase of the San Canzian project, which culminated in the inclusion of this Istrian pearl in the prestigious group Small Luxury Hotels of the World, one of the most exciting hotel projects in Croatia in 2020 is moving forward.  Thus, from January 1, the management of San Canzian Village & Hotel completely took over the management of the entire offer, with a day focus on the unique and unforgettable experience of its guests.  Photo: FB Mario Mandarić This is the right direction we need, as many small family and boutique hotels as possible, with a top and authentic offer. This means that Noel Buje no longer exists, but the owners of the San Canzian Hotel and the owners of the Zagreb restaurant Noel will still continue their cooperation through occasional joint gastronomic “pop up” projects, as the hotel owners point out. Photo: San Canzian Village & Hotel “Precise, not pretentious cuisine, based on excellent local ingredients, distinguishes the only Croatian chef who was a sous chef in a 3-Michelin-star restaurant. The top-quality breakfast is created from local and mostly organic ingredients from our own production, and for lunch guests have at their disposal an a la carte offer of modernly presented traditional Istrian dishes such as maneštra, pljukanci and seasonal truffles. The selection of menus in sequences inspired by the Istrian climate, paired with top wines from our walk-in wine cellar, will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of fine cuisine. stand out from San Canzian Village & Hotel. In San Canziano, they are aware that in addition to top-quality, local, and possibly organic food, the most important ingredient for the success of a restaurant is a top team. It is for this reason that the important star of the Croatian culinary scene, the chef, has taken over the important function of chef Mario Mandarić, who has so far been a chef at the Roxanich Wine & Heritage Hotel in Motovun. The natural surroundings of the outdoor pool with panoramic views of the olive groves and vineyards provide guests with an ideal atmosphere to enjoy and relax with the soothing sounds of nature. A top restaurant and certainly one of the best wine cellars in Croatia make San Canzian Village & Hotel a top gastronomic destination. The cooperation with the prestigious Zagreb restaurant Noel, the holder of the Michelin star, resulted in top restaurant and bar facilities in the hotel itself and a clearly defined, high gastronomic offer. But after the “incident” in August 2019 with the then chef of San Canziano, the owners decided in the New 2020 year to take full control of the entire offer. The most important thing is that San Canzian Village & Hotel will continue to offer top service in every segment, including a high gastronomic offer.last_img

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