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first_imgThe Croatian Society of Cultural Tourism, based in Osijek, organized a training entitled “Valorization of cultural tourism product” which included training for participants in the field of “Cultural Heritage Management and valorization of cultural tourism product” and “Acting workshops for staging legends and customs.”Thus, in the picturesque village of Baranja called Karanac, not far from the famous Zmajevac, on the estate of the Three Wise Men, the ambient play Red March was performed for the first time. The aim of the training was to acquaint the workshop participants with the process of managing a cultural and tourist product, with special emphasis on the concept of “How to turn an idea into a business success”.”Cultural tourism processes create opportunities for the use of cultural heritage in the function of tourism development, and thus the economic and economic development of individual tourist destinations. Cultural heritage complements the tourist offer with its content, while tourism provides funds for sustainable development, preservation and protection of cultural heritage. ” pointed out Jasenka Ricl, the owner of the RICL Consulting and Business Management Craft, who led the entire training.Photo: Mario RomulićIn the creative sector, acting educational workshops are an increasingly common form of work with young people, but also a tool in the realization of cultural and tourist products. Nikolina Baškarad, today the owner of Artin Crafts, used her many years of acting experience in transferring knowledge about stage performances in working with young people. Through two connected units, the workshop participants learned about the production of the play as a cultural and tourist product and its importance for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the community. Graduated actors Gordan Marijanović, Matea Bublić, Mirko Ilibašić, Acting and Puppetry student Luka Vondrak and dancer of the Croatian National Theater Danijel Novoselac participated in the education and performance. The author of the script “Red March” is Siniša Kovač.After completing the training and acting workshops, a general rehearsal was performed in the ambient, Baranja, landscape.Family Three Wise Men as a great example of synergy and added valueAdded value to this project is given by the cooperation with the Apel family, otherwise entrepreneurs in tourism and owners of OPG Tri mudraca, who in 2017 were declared the best host of the tourist family farm at the Days of Croatian Tourism.Richard Apel notes: “We are in a continuous search for novelties, because our guests expect a surprise and an unforgettable experience. Curiosity decided that the first “Red Martha” would be performed on the Three Wise Men. “And indeed, the ambient performance justified the expectations of all present. The authentic rural landscape, the picturesque courtyard decorated with authentic plants, the fields of yellow sunflowers that merge on the horizon with endless vineyards were the perfect scenery for the play, which interprets the legend of the infamous queen of wine-growing Baranja.Photo: Mario RomulićBefore us is the premiere performance of “Crvena Marta” in the Regional Wine Shop in Osijek’s Tvrđa. It is a space that hosts visitors to the city of Osijek, cruise passengers, lovers of top wines, cyclists, but also the citizens of the city of Osijek. “If the presentation of the regional wine offer is enriched with an interactive, stage work such as “Red Martha”, it is to be expected that the impressions and experience of visitors will be even greater, and the oral presentation about the charms of Slavonia and Baranja will be an even stronger channel of communication to potential visitors. ” concludes Ricl.last_img

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