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first_imgNumerous changes taking place in modern society, be they economic, technological, climatic, political or any other nature, affect the relatively sensitive tourist market in different ways. Demand is changing in terms of demand and the paths to a satisfied tourist today are completely different than maybe just a decade ago. This is largely due to changes in the value system, so more valued healthy, comfortable, new, different, simple, natural, cultural, urban and as much as possible adapted to the specific wishes of potential market segments.Content buyers want to learn, get to know, remember something that will deepen their knowledge, enrich it, enrich it and contribute to the quality of their lives. It can be assumed that in the future, which brings an increasingly hectic everyday life, cities and other environments will try to create their own identity systems of tourist offer that will offer people an “escape” from the hustle and bustle, vacation, attractive leisure content…The most beautiful feature of a tourist offer that has the greatest potential for the cause of all the consequent changes in the cultural offer, economic profit and the economy as a whole are the manifestations. In the next few lines we bring you a wonderful synergy that is happening in Split. Split, which is a mirror of the cultural offer of our Dalmatia in the summer season, in its preseason offers equally valuable content based on different values, values ​​that promote modern culture and even more beautiful, through the academic community that seeks to connect and cooperate internationally.That is why you must visit Split and the art festival until May 19 “Split Art Convention”. The festival is conceived as an international platform for the exhibition and presentation of contemporary student works, and their connection through cooperation and socializing. The long-term goal is to set the festival on an international level, provide students with the opportunity to present themselves and set the city of Split as an ideal platform for further development of contemporary art. In addition to exhibiting finished student works, the goal is also educational.Ivana Kovač, a student of classical composition at the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, will hold a lecture on “Independent Artists and the Sustainability of Entrepreneurship in the Arts” on Wednesday (May 17) at 16:00 pm in the Multimedia Hall of the University Library in Split (Ruđera Boškovića Street 31). Students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split will hold workshops; “Media and Art and Their Influence on Children’s Attitudes Toward Art” through Thursday at 10:00 a.m. (May 17) and the workshop “How to Encourage a Child to Create?” Also at 10:00 a.m. (May 18). Both workshops will be at the Peristyle at Poljana kraljice Jelena 1.All those interested will have the opportunity, with the expert guidance of students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, to see the core of the city of Split in 19: 00 hours. The route will start next to the model of the city of Split on the waterfront, and will end in Loggia (Golden Gate) where 20: 00 hours start another exhibition of students from Split and Zagreb.For lovers of contemporary music, a concert of electronic music will be held on May 17, 05 at 2018:20 PM in the Concrete Cinema (MKC), and a concert of young student songs will be held on May 00, 18 at 05:2018 PM in the Gothic Hall of the City Museum. composers from all over Europe. Numerous artists (Kažimir Hraste, Ivan Božičević, Mišo Komenda, Karlo Kazinoti…) will be happy to talk as part of Artist talk which will be led by students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, while poets from the Faculty of Philosophy on Thursday (May 17) at 18:00 in the cafe Tinel (within the student dormitory Franjo Tuđman) will present their poetry to be read by actors from the Academy of Arts in Split .The closing of the festival will be marked by the performance of the S / UMAS Contemporary Music Ensemble, which will play in Diocletian’s Cellars on Saturday (May 19) at 20:00. After the First International Festival Split Art Convention, the band RØLØ will be in charge of socializing, playing from 21:00 in the club Cirkus Split – Monty Python.Split has once again shown that it works to create culturally inspired tourist facilities, because the city is becoming the basic space of culture of the future, then it is possible to assume that city identities will surely become a cultural phenomenon in the future, and therefore an increasing offer of attractiveness. is culture largely recognized as a vital development segment of tourism through the domain of “cultural tourism” which, in addition to the traditional focus of valorization of cultural and historical heritage, also activates new cultural and creative production as part of the tourist offer.This is the level of functioning of communities in which identity issues become the critical point of a new understanding and practice of community. Culture today in modern tourism has not only a perceptual role, but it is also an important content of the stay in which tourists are active participants. Moreover, culture becomes not only one of the more important contents of a stay, but often also the main motive for traveling to certain destinations.last_img

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