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first_imgBy Dialogo March 31, 2011 Seized material is of Ecuadorian and Bolivian craftsmanship and origin, this should call the attention of the international community, since explosives are of Bolivian origin in another country that is part of ALBA, what’s the deal, if they really are for guerrilla groups we are seeing that Bolivia is internationalizing its operations; that this country now not only is involved in drug trafficking as a government but it is clear that they support armed groups who have brought pain and mourning to Colombia, apparently after their actions in northern Peru a few years ago, now you can see their actions in Ecuador with military support (dynamite), congratulations to the authorities of the country trying to dismantle something that is causing violence to humanity, terrorism is a crime against humanity, and I think everyone knows that the Morales government is made up of ex – terrorists, one of them is his Vice President, next the Minister of Health who is the wife of a Tupamaro, Carlos Nuñez former ELN, Chavez of the MRTA, in fact the list is long, hopefully this is a wake up call for the international agencies to combat terrorism now. Your information is good and keep moving forward. Ecuador has seized around 27,000 sticks of dynamite, as well as safety fuses and blasting caps, suspected to have been intended for Colombian irregular groups, the Ecuadorean police announced on 28 March. “27,000 sticks of dynamite, 27,500 meters of safety fuse, and 27,500 blasting caps were found,” said police officer Diego Chalén, an explosives expert with the Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR), in statements made public by the Ecuavisa television network. An agent from the police Anti-Organized Crime Unit (Ulco), for his part, stated that the items seized were homemade and of Ecuadorean and Bolivian origin, and that “their final destination is believed to have been irregular groups” in Colombia. The operation, in which three individuals were detained, took place in the Andean province of Azuay (in southern Ecuador) on 27 March, when the explosives were being transported by truck to the port of Guayaquil (in southwestern Ecuador), according to the police.last_img

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