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Don Henley Reveals That The Eagles Have Broken Up

first_imgThank you for all the music, The Eagles. After countless farewell tours and subsequent reunions, Don Henley confirmed the inevitable. Following the death of founding member Glenn Frey, it seems that the band is hanging up “Hotel California” once and for all.In a new interview with BBC, Henley was asked about the band’s performance at the GRAMMYs and whether they would perform again. He responded, “That was the final farewell. I don’t think you’ll see us performing again. I think that was probably it. I think it was an appropriate farewell.”The farewell saw a number of long-time members of the Eagles play the song “Take It Easy” with Jackson Browne, who co-wrote the hit song with Glenn Frey back in 1972. In the interview, Henley said “we almost didn’t do it,” just because of how emotional it was.last_img read more

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Kyle Hollingsworth Promises New Music From The String Cheese Incident This Summer

first_imgBeloved jam group The String Cheese Incident have a busy summer ahead, with a tour that kicks off at Electric Forest in June and running through the middle of August. In the downtime between their recent spring tour and summer, the band has been hard at work on new material in the studio.Today, keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth gave a quote to Relix that certainly seems to indicate where the band is on their new album. Hollingsworth said, “After a winter of recording and touring indoors it will refreshing to share the sunlight with all of our fans. Looking forward to playing new tunes and rocking some new venues this summer.”Of course, a number of questions remain to be answered about the new album, like its title, release date, tracklisting, etc. We do know that they were working with Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison, who produced their 2014 album Song In My Head. Hopefully Cheese won’t pull a Radiohead and delete their entire Internet presence before revealing any information!You can catch them on the road all summer with this tour schedule, and be sure to check out their extra jammy “Sweet Spot” from Red Rocks 2015, which recently premiered on Live for Live Music!last_img read more

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Listen To Space Bacon’s New Debut EP, ‘Nodes,’ Streaming In Full

first_imgOn the rise Brooklyn-based jammers Space Bacon continue to break boundaries with their funky electronica fusion. The four-piece band released their debut EP, Nodes, last night, which finds the group exploring new jam space with four original compositions. As Space Bacon continues to develop their sound, expect big things from this exciting quartet.Get ready for a cosmic journey of epic proportions with Space Bacon and their new EP. Listen to Nodes, streaming in full below.<a href=””>Nodes EP by Space Bacon</a>The band is set to perform at Mazzstock, as well as NYC’s Bowery Ballroom over the next few weeks in support of the new release. Don’t miss out!last_img

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Watch Bruce Springsteen Learn And Crush New Cover Mid-Show Like A Boss [Pro-Shot]

first_imgLive music fans are all familiar with the “sign request.” Particularly ambitious fans will write the name of the song at the top of their wish list on a piece of poster board, head to the show, and hold it up for the band to see in the hopes of getting their request granted. While the signs are ever-present at shows, the fact of the matter is that, for the most part, the band is going to play what they want, regardless of what you write on the back of that pizza box you found in the parking lot.Many Phish fans recall the humorous sign incident at the band’s 12/14/95 show in Binghamton, NY (officially released as Live Phish 01). Before the encore, Trey Anastasio remarked that they are going to play a request from one of the signs in the audience, to which a fan holding up a “Brother” sign reacted with visible excitement. However, it turned out Trey was referring to a different sign, for Jimi Hendrix‘s “Bold As Love.” He responded to the fan with a laugh, joking that “you gotta bring a sign, but you also have to bring a sign for something we wanna play.”However, sometimes these wishful suggestions can make for unforgettable performances. Case in point: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Leipzig, Germany in November, 2013. Springsteen sees a sign written on what appears to be the top of someone’s cooler bag, which we can only assume was a casualty of the pre-show tailgate. The request is for “You Can Never Tell” by Chuck Berry–a tune many know as the song John Travolta and Uma Thruman danced to in Pulp Fiction.The sign is passed forward to the stage, and with a wry smile, Springsteen informs the crowd that they “haven’t played that song since they were…I don’t know, 16,” but they’d give it a shot. After going back and forth with guitarist Little Steven trying–with some difficulty–to pick a key, Springsteen confers briefly with the band, gives some directions, and then BAM!–busts out an immaculate, rocking performance of “You Can Never Tell.” Like a boss. The Boss.You can relive the unforgettable moment in its entirety below, via BruceSpringsteenVEVO:[h/t – Newsner]last_img read more

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MonoNeon, Prince’s Bassist, Releases New EP “Welcome 2 Whateva The Fyuck” For 4/20 [Stream]

first_imgMonoNeon, the eccentric musician who held the honor of being Prince’s last bassist, has just released a brand-new EP today in honor of National Weed Day. As to be expected, the release titled Welcome 2 Whateva The Fyuck captures his innovative spirit across the six bizarre and twisted pop-tinged tracks. The songs are simultaneously catchy and sonically rebellious, making the collection an intriguing one to listen through. It also features one song featuring A Weirdo From Memphis, “America’s Perverted Gentlemen,” a previously released song with a similarly boundary-pushing music video, that was debuted following the release of MonoNeon’s Selfie Quickie 2WOOO earlier in the year.It is abundantly clear that the bassist is not too concerned with those who many be off put by his music, instead recognizing the legion of fans who are down to get down. As he notes about his music and Welcome 2 Whateva The Fyuck, “It’s whatever the fyuck you want it to be.” You can stream Welcome 2 Whateva The Fyuck below or on MonoNeon’s Bandcamp, where it’s available for download at a name-your-price rate.<a href=””>Welcome 2 Whateva The Fyuck by MonoNeon</a>Don’t miss MonoNeon with MJ vs. Stevie: A Tribute to Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder ft. Eric Benny Bloom (Lettuce), Adam Deitch (Lettuce), Nigel Hall (Lettuce), Wil Blades & DJ Williams + Zigaboo’s Funk Revue + Organ Freeman at the Howlin’ Wolf on 5/7. Get tickets here.last_img read more

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Twiddle’s ‘PLUMP Chapters 1 & 2’ Offers A Massively Diverse Sampling From The Band

first_img“Blunderbuss” is a song rooted in the band’s live show, demonstrating their ability to drive a roaring audience into an absolute frenzy. It’s got an Umphrey’s-esque tone, merging proggish and classical sensibilities. It also pairs gracefully with the song after it, “Dinner Fork,” another cosmic meditation that seems destined to sit in the middle of jam sandwiches at shows for years to come.“Purple Forest” sounds like the theme song to Radagast The Brown’s life deep in the forest, and almost acts as a lavender sorbet palate-cleanser at the end of this fifteen-course meal of an album (twenty-seven courses if you include Chapter 1) that seems to have stretched from classic and prog rock, metal, reggae, jazz, jam, classical, and more across its entirety. PLUMP Chapter 2 demonstrates the absurd variety of music Twiddle can weave together. Along with its compatriot, PLUMP Chapter 1, the double album is a playbook for the depth and diversity of Twiddle’s sound that will solidly ground it among the group’s past and future work. You can cop PLUMP Chapters 1 & 2 on the band’s website here, plus check out their site for upcoming tour and festival dates.[Photo: Jay Blakesberg] Last Friday, the Vermont-based jam band Twiddle released their dual album, PLUMP Chapters 1 & 2. Diehards might already have PLUMP Chapter 1 in their hands, which was released a while back formally and via their highly successful Kickstarter campaign, which saw the band raise over double their fundraising goal of $20,000. The two albums composing PLUMP exhibit the breadth of Twiddle’s musical abilities, and the double album seems like a natural choice for new fans who want to see what the group’s all about—this is highlighted by the addition of a reworked version of one of their most popular songs and forever fan-favorite, “When It Rains It Pours,” as the new first track on PLUMP Chapter 1. Meanwhile, older fans will be satisfied by diving into the new material on PLUMP Chapter 2, which brings a bunch of fresh music to the table that showcases the absurd breadth of the sounds the group is exploring, many of which are likely to or have already made it into the group’s regular show rotation.After the brief introductory track—just Ryan Dempsey’s cascading piano playing off the theme of “When It Rains It Pours”—the group gets right to business with “Orlando’s.” The song’s start is almost disjointed, particularly when considering the lyricism of the introductory piano track, and the tone of a baby grand, which evokes sounds of a jazz club, juxtaposed with Mihali’s heavy crunching guitar riffs sets up a tension that the band then resolves as the lyrics dawn. The song’s lyrics are playfully self-referential, as the characters from countless past Twiddle odes are all put in conversation with one another at the song’s namesake bar.Like the bar band that names itself “Jamflowman McRatt” or a bar patron called “Frankie” stumbling in to order Sour Milk, the ballad, with its heartwarming horns, finds the mellow center at the heart of Twiddle’s endless repertoire. A thief called Carter Candlestick, Zazu, the pothead bird, and quite a few others figures from the group’s universe are all there. It’s on one level impressive—the fact that there are so many interesting characters in the world of Twiddle—but at the same time somewhat unfulfilling for those familiar with the group, as each of these fascinating individuals delivers such a brief 4-bar update on their life that leaves frends wanting more.Coming next is “Juggernaut.” Whatever you’ve heard of Twiddle, you’re not prepared for “Juggernaut,” and, frankly, I don’t think anything I could tell you would prepare you. It’s got gnarly apocalyptic political screamed lyrics and a pretty straight-up metal guitar solo. It’s pretty far out there, but also a welcome addition to the collection, which could be read as a declaration by Twiddle against the soulful white-boy reggae world of Slightly Stoopid/Stick Figure/311 that a lot of folks try to peg them in to. Following “Juggernaut,” the band doubles back on itself by going into “Moments.” Unlike “Juggernaut,” which effaces their traditional speculated sound, “Moments” embraces it, constituting an irresistibly catchy, reggae number in a style that the group is sometimes pigeonholed.“Milk” almost sounds like a samba number until the shredding section of it begins. Perhaps most influenced by Santana, the lyric-less song is definitely designed for the band members to show off their chops and is likely to be used as a workhorse for jamming in a live setting. “Nicodemus Portelay” introduces a new character who takes the track’s name to the band’s universe, though the Nicodemus seems to inhabit the darker corners of their world. The incessantly bubbly riffs that make up the meat of the track are reminiscent of the band’s “Bee-Hop,” frenetic to the point of nearly jumping on each other though imbued with a darker energy.Contrasted with the heaviness of “Milk” and “Nicodemus Portelay,” the next song “New Sun” is again a thematic turn, with Twiddle using the song to show off their ability to make a solid daytime festival tune—you’re going to enjoy cracking a beer to this one in the lake at Frendly Gathering. From there, the album moves into “Forevers,” a classical and exploratory piece from Ryan Dempsey. Again, the sound of the album is constantly shifting, and the song offers a great place to get lost and a sublime divider in the middle of the PLUMP Chapter 2.There’s no better way to describe ‘The Fantastic Tale Of Ricky Snickett” except as Twiddle parodying itself, childish and whimsical to the point of absurdity. It genuinely sounds like what some of what someone would sing at you in a mocking manner in response to your saying you liked Twiddle. It moves into “Peas & Carrots,” one of the most impressive tracks on the album. Instead of being pollyanna-equely happy, the hybridizing reggae-jazz instrumental beast that emerges is alternately driving and blissful, equal parts heavy and hopping.“Drifter” shows the band’s more classic-rock influences and inclinations in its introduction. As it evolves, its alternatingly crisp and fuzzy guitar line evolves into more of a Dispatch-type sound, and drummer Brook Jordan’s soulful voice carries the melody beautifully. You can listen to its live debut last week below, courtesy of Bacala Brothers.last_img read more

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Turkuaz Taps Nate Werth And Steve Swatkins For Special Phish After Party In NYC

first_imgTurkuaz’s July 25th late-night performance at Irving Plaza is far from the only exciting show going down in New York City surrounding Phish‘s upcoming 13-night “Baker’s Dozen” run. Check out Our Official Guide To Baker’s Dozen Late-Nights for all the info.Live For Live Music Phish Baker’s Dozen Run Late-Night ShowsJuly 21 – The Werks @ American Beauty (tix)July 21 – The Motet @ BB King Blues Club (tix)July 20, 21, & 22 – Twiddle @ Irving Plaza (tix) *July 22 – The Werks @ American Beauty (tix)July 22 – Circles Around The Sun @ Gramercy Theatre (SOLD OUT)July 23 – Circles Around The Sun (early brunch show) @ Brooklyn Bowl (tix) #July 25 – Turkuaz @ Irving Plaza (tix) *July 28 – Dopapod @ Gramercy Theater (tix) *July 28 – James Brown Dance Party – 2 Shows @ Highline Ballroom (early tix/late tix) *July 29 – Dopapod @ Gramercy Theatre (tix) *July 29 – Perpetual Groove @ BB King Blues Club (tix)Aug 2 – Matisyahu @ The Cutting Room (tix) *Aug 3 – Greensky Bluegrass w/ Marco Benevento @ Ford Amphitheatre At Coney Island Boardwalk (tix) **Aug 4 –  “Kraz & Taz” – Eric Krasno Band w/ Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band @ The Cutting Room (tix)Aug 5 –  Spafford @ BB King Blues Club (SOLD OUT)* (L4LM & CEG Presents)**(L4LM & Live Nation Presents)# (L4LM & Brooklyn Bowl Presents) The Baker’s Dozen run is right around the corner, and Phish fans have been handed an eclectic variety of late-night shows to help them party into the wee hours of the morning. With thirteen shows at Madison Square Garden and a seemingly endless supply of late-night options on the horizon, deciding upon late-night plans has never been more complicated. Well, allow us to simplify things, as an already can’t-miss show just sweetened the pot with Turkuaz’s announcement this morning that they’ll be joined by Steve Swatkins and Nate Werth for their after-show at Irving Plaza on Tuesday, July 25th.Phishin’ With: Craig Brodhead From TurkuazThe Brooklyn power-funk masters that are Turkuaz have been rising through the ranks over the past few years, making a name for themselves as they’ve crisscrossed the country, bringing their tight and polished sound to clubs and festivals nationwide. The band, who spent their early years making a name for themselves at the beloved venue Brooklyn Bowl, have already made a huge impact in 2017. This year alone, they’ve already crushed a national tour with support from Organ Freeman, dominated Jazz Fest with two shows with moe., and turned in an incredible performance at Bonnaroo, which earned them national acclaim.Turkuaz Announces Fall Tour With Sinkane And Organ FreemanAnother highlight for Turkuaz was their debut at the beloved outdoor venue, Red Rocks, as part of Lettuce’s Rage Rocks event. During their performance, the group was joined by Snarky Puppy percussionist Nate Werth and keyboard extraordinaire Steve Swatkins, and the collaborations across their set were truly something else. Now, the band will bring their tour-tested live show back to NYC for an intimate post-Phish late night performance for the ages, and they’re bringing back Werth and Swatkins to share in the ride. See below for full info on this funky late night show! Plus, don’t forget to check out our Official Guide To Phish Baker’s Dozen Late Nights for more information about what’s going down in New York City during Baker’s Dozen!Lettuce Rages Red Rocks With Ghostface Killah, George Porter Jr., John Scofield, And More [Photos/Videos]CEG & L4LM Pres. A Phish After-Party with…TurkuazVenue: Irving PlazaTuesday, July 25, 2017Doors: 11:00pmShow: 11:59pmTickets: $26 advance GA / $28 day of show GA / $45 VIP**Buy Tickets Here** Enter To Win A Pair Of Tickets!last_img read more

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Natalie Cressman, Jen Hartswick, James Casey Will Each Host A Jam At BCA This Weekend

first_imgBrooklyn Comes Alive is back this weekend and set to take over three venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Bowl, Schimanski, Music Hall of Williamsburg). The two-day multi-venue festival is literally a smorgasbord of monstrous musical talent. Featuring highly curated and handpicked collaborative sets, each year the festival features a who’s who of the jam scene. At this year’s festival, we’re particularly excited for three particular jam sessions led, respectively, by each of the three members of the Trey Anastasio Band horn section: Jennifer Hartswick, Natalie Cressman, and James Casey. The three horn players are no strangers to leading top-notch talent in the scene and curating masterful performances, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve brewed up.Purchase tickets to Brooklyn Comes Alive here!Spectacular trombonist Natalie Cressman has had a busy year with the release of her latest solo album, The Traces EP, and a busy summer touring with Trey Anastasio Band. For her Saturday Brooklyn Comes Alive performance at Brooklyn Bowl, she has put together a special ensemble featuring Louis Cato (Stay Human), James Casey (Trey Anastasio Band), Nate Werth (Snarky Puppy), Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band), Randy Runyon, and Akie Bermiss.Just a few hours later and a few blocks down the road at Music Hall of Williamsburg, James Casey will host a session of his own, featuring Louis Cato (Stay Human), Randy Runyon (Bilal, Animus Rexx), Corey Bernhard (Killiam Shakespeare), Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band), and bass royalty Felix Pastorius (son of legendary Weather Report bassist Jaco Pastorius).The following day, beloved trumpeter/vocalist Jennifer Hartswick has also compiled a killer lineup of her own for her own Brooklyn Comes Alive set, consisting of Louis Cato (Stay Human), Danny Mayer (Eric Krasno Band), Dezron Douglas, Akie Bermiss, and the Snarky Puppy Horns including Mike “Maz” Maher and Chris Bullock as part of the early-evening lineup at Brooklyn Bowl on BCA day two.Cressman and Hartswick have also been confirmed to collaborate with a Sunday night lineup featuring The Disco Biscuits’ Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner, Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee, Mike Greenfield of Lotus, and Ryan Jalbert of The Motet.Watch Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman performing “Suzy Greenberg” with Phish at Colorado’s Dick’s Sporting Good Park back in 2014, and catch the two leading their own special super jams this weekend at Brooklyn Comes Alive![cover photo courtesy of Dave Vann]Inspired by the vibrant musical communities of Brooklyn and New Orleans, Brooklyn Comes Alive is set to take place across three venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Bowl, Schimanski, Music Hall of Williamsburg) on September 23rd and 24th. The unique homegrown event puts the focus on the musicians, curating dream team collaborations, tributes, and artist passion projects for two full days of incredible music both new and old.The 2017 lineup is set to include hand-selected band lineups featuring all-star musicians like John Scofield, George Porter Jr. (The Meters), Vinnie Amico and Al Schnier (moe.), Bernard Purdie, Joel Cummins, Ryan Stasik, and Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits), Mike Greenfield and Jesse Miller (Lotus), Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident), Alan Evans (Soulive), Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers), Henry Butler, Reed Mathis (Electric Beethoven), Michael League, Nate Werth, Chris Bullock, Robert “Sput” Searight, and Bob Lanzetti (Snarky Puppy), Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman (Trey Anastasio Band), and scores of others! ***Tickets Are On Sale Now!***To find out more about ticketing, VIP options, and lodging, head to the festival website.last_img read more

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PHOTOS: Aqueous At Rough Trade NYC In Brooklyn, NY 12/1/17

first_imgLoad remaining images On the 1st of December, Buffalo groove-rock favorites Aqueous stopped by Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY as part of their ongoing fall tour. The two-set show allowed for the quartet to expand on some of their originals, insert new surprises, and weave their way through a full evening of rock and roll. With teases of Phish, Zelda, Peanuts, Jimi Hendrix, and the Grateful Dead peppered throughout the show, and a full execution of Elton John‘s tough-to-sing “Bennie and the Jets”, Aqueous impressed fans old and new with their unique ability to shred old school favorites with their new school attitude.Aqueous & Dopapod Teased Each Other’s Songs From Across The Country Last NightCheck out the band’s setlist below, as well as full galleries from Chris Capaci of Capacity Images and Andrew O’Brien of OBImages. Head to Aqueous’s official website for all information on upcoming dates, tickets, and band news.Setlist: Aqueous | Rough Trade NYC | Brooklyn, NY | 12/1/17I: They’re Calling For Ya > All In^, Mosquito Valley Pt I* > Mosquito Valley Pt. IIII: Strange Times**+%•, Dave’s Song*** > Bennie and The Jets^^, 20/20Encore: Gordon’s Mule^Tweezer (Phish) tease*Song of Storms (Zelda) tease**Linus and Lucy (Peanuts) teases+Saria’s Song (Zelda) tease%Third Stone from the Sun (Jimi Hendrix) teases•What’s the connection teases***Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead) tease^^Elton John2017 Aqueous Tour Dates12/5 – Columbia, MO – Rose Music Hall *12/6 – Omaha, NE – Reverb Lounge *12/9 – Frisco, CO – Barkley Ballroom *12/12 – Davenport, IA – Redstone Room *12/13 – St. Louis, MO – Bootleg @ Atomic Cowboy *12/14 – Lexington, KY – Cosmic Charlie’s *12/15 – Columbus, OH – Woodlands Tavern *12/16 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater *12/31 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom *1/17 – 1/22 – Miami, FL – Jam CruiseAqueous | Rough Trade NYC | Brooklyn, NY | 12/1/17 | Photos by Capacity Images Load remaining imagescenter_img Aqueous | Rough Trade NYC | Brooklyn, NY | 12/1/17 | Photos by Andrew O’Brienlast_img read more

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Watch Freddie Mercury Lead Queen In A Timeless “Bohemian Rhapsody” At Wembley [Pro-Shot]

first_imgQueen was a band in a class of their own. Their mixture of progressive rock and pop music, the guitar mastery of Brian May, and the undeniable energy and talent of frontman Freddie Mercury, allowed them to become arguably the best touring rock band on the planet by the early ’80s. Queen were a juggernaut, playing to massive crowds around the world. There was no band bigger at that time. As we know now, things quickly took a turn for the worse for Mercury. In 1986, British papers reported that Mercury had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and the band was forced to stop touring. Mercury ended up dying from the disease just five years later, and fans around the world continue to mourn the loss of one of rock and roll’s truest icons to this day.But just months before the widespread reporting of Mercury’s diagnosis, the band mounted what would become their final tour with their fearless frontman: the summer ’86 “Magic Tour” in support of their most recent album, A Kind of Magic. The tour was the biggest that the band had ever mounted, drawing in record-breaking attendance numbers across Europe. Their Irish show at Slane Castle drew in 95,000 people. Their performance in Budapest–behind the Iron Curtain during the thick of the Cold War–brought 80,000 people, and remains one of the biggest concerts ever held in Eastern Europe. Their final performance with Mercury, at the U.K.’s Knebworth Park, sold out in just 2 hours and attracted a whopping 120,000 revelers.The focal point of the tour came when the band made their way through their native stomping grounds for a two-night stand at the iconic Wembley Stadium. The sold-out stand was immortalized with a concert film, Queen at Wembley, originally released as a VHS in 1990 and, later, as a DVD in 2003. The DVD has since ton 5x Platinum, and remains a treasured relic of Queen history.In particular, the famous rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” from Live at Wembley stands as a testament to Mercury’s unparalleled brilliance as a musician, singer and performer. Freddie shines throughout the performance, guiding the enormous crowd through the classic song’s sorrowful, sweeping lows and defiantly powerful highs with equal parts grace, flash, and endless charisma. We’ve never had one like him, and chances are we never will again.Watch Freddie Mercury lead Queen in a captivating rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” during his final tour at Wembley Stadium below via FB page Bohemian Rhapsody – CLUB:last_img read more

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