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Chris Berman on Jon Gruden, how the 49ers adopted the ‘Swami’ and his upcoming Bay Area honor

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Though he was born in Connecticut, broadcaster Chris Berman somehow had a Bay Area native for an inner child. Berman gravitated to the Giants as a kid, choosing Willie Mays as his favorite player in 1963 after his father instructed him to keep his eyes on the do-everything centerfielder.In 1981, before either Joe Montana or ESPN were household names, the 26-year-old anchor with a window-rattling voice hosted the 2:30 a.m. ET SportsCenter. That was the year Berman donned a …last_img

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2015 Hog Breed Champion Sale

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Champion Tamworth exhibited by Victoria Devore of West Salem sold to Lois Matteson, Matteson Funeral Home, Kevin Keener Family, Buckeye Barrow Boosters, and Andrews Auctioneer for $3,100. The Champion Spot exhibited by Saylor Moore of Washington Courthouse sold to the Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Kirkpatrick Family Showpigs, Paul and Linda Grim, Morgan Pentzer, Wendell Moore, Garrett Labor Service, Heather Gordon, Ohio Spot Association, Thompson Show Feed, Nationwide, and Huffman’s Market for $3,000. The Champion Poland China exhibited by Aaron Rolfe of Sabina sold to the Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Jake and Rick Ellis, Thompson Show Feed, Nationwide, Huffman’s Market, and United Producers, Inc. for $2,050. The Champion Light Cross exhibited by Connor Rayburn of Orient sold to the Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Nutech Seeds, and Agri-Business Finance for $6,000. The Champion Landrace exhibited by Adam McCoy of Jeffersonville sold to the Buckeye Barrow Boosters, L.B. Keller Excavating, Kirkpatrick Family Showpigs, Jack McCoy Farm, Jake and Rick Ellis, Beckman Trucking, Diversified Crop Insurance, Mayer Farm Equipment, Huffman’s Market, Huntington Ag Finance, and United Producers, Inc. for $2,050. The Champion Hereford exhibited by Tyla Voight of Tipp City sold to Stewart Seed, MJ Baker Farms, Lena Ag, R.D. Holder Oil, Northside Machine, R&B Jergens, Dale’s Goodyear, Thompson Show Feed, the Buckeye Barrow Boosters, and the Jim Yeazel Family for $2,450. The Champion Hampshire exhibited by Kaitlin Butterfield of Oxford sold to Beck’s Hybrids, Real McCoy Genetics, Harvestland Co-op, Darner Show Pigs, and AG Boogher & Sons Inc. for $3,300. The Champion Duroc exhibited by Kole Vollrarth of South Charleston sold to the Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Thompson Show Feed, Lincolnway Animal Hospital, and Todd Price for $3,100. The Champion Chester White exhibited by Sarah Hunker of Bellevue sold to Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Johnny Regula, auctioneer, Nationwide, Huffman’s Market, Huntington Ag Finance, United Producers, Inc., and A.J. Genter for $2,250. The Champion Berkshire exhibited by Paige Pence of New Carlisle sold to the Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Maple Corner Farm, Lynn Alan Farm, Kent and Nancy Pence, Thompson Show Feed, and United Producers, Inc. for $3,700.last_img read more

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Deepika Padukone at 32: How the Bengaluru girl came to rule Bollywood

first_imgWhen Deepika Padukone entered the Hindi film industry in 2007, with Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om, it was a Big Bollywood debut many actors might have dreamt of. After all, the film had all going for it right from the word ‘Go!’. A massive budget, an ensemble cast, good music, crackling promos… and, to top it all, Shah Rukh Khan. The film broke several box office records and turned out to be the highest grossing Hindi film ever, back in 2007.BIG BOLLYWOOD DEBUT AND THE LULL THAT FOLLOWEDDeepika Padukone had a filmi debut, but that hardly made her the talk of the town back then. Like what had been done to several of her contemporaries, a few people almost made the mistake of writing Padukone off as a one-film wonder. But the patience paid off.ALSO READ: I couldn’t take my eyes off Deepika in Deewani Mastani, says Ranveer SinghAfter Om Shanti Om, Deepika’s filmography had names like Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) and Chandni Chowk To China (2009), none of which did anything to boost her image as an actor. Her diction was made fun of in snooty circles, and her fashion sense ripped apart by the Nazis of the territory. She was called ‘mannequin-like’, ‘only ornamental in a film’ and so on. You get the drift. It was with Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal (2009) that Deepika finally made an impact, befitting of her Om Shanti Om stint, on both her fans and detractors.Deepika Padukone turns 32 on January 5, 2018However, after Love Aaj Kal, Deepika faced a string of flops in the years in between, before re-surfacing like a phoenix in the 2012 Cocktail. There were films in this period which neither Deepika nor her fans would want to be reminded of. From Break Ke Baad to Lafangey Parindey, if she was lauded critically, the films failed at the box office and vice versa.advertisementALSO READ: Deepika looks hotter with me than with Ranbir, says Ranveer SinghCOCKTAIL OF SUCCESS AND HARD WORKPost Cocktail, Deepika’s oeuvre has been defined by numerous hits. While some have had the rare privilege of being both a success commercially and being applauded critically, a few failed to check both those boxes. One after the other, after Cocktail, Padukone had blockbusters. And who her co-star was in a particular film, no longer seemed to be a factor in the success of the film.SEE PIC: Ranbir Kapoor proposes to ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone… again!Race 2 (2013), Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013), Chennai Express (2013), Happy New Year (2014), Piku (2015) are films which have tasted massive success at the box office, with a massive chunk of the success being Deepika’s handiwork. For example, 2013’s Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela. The actor also stepped out of her tried-and-tested roles and took a risk like Finding Fanny (2014) once in a while, which helped her nail that tricky side too.Deepika is currently looking at the release of PadmavatiBEING NUMBER ONEAs of 2018, Deepika Padukone is easily among the most successful female actors in the Hindi film industry. She has been there, right at the top, and has retained her position for a few years now. 2015 saw Deepika in the Shoojit Sircar film, Piku. The actor took home some rave reviews for the film. Despite the story being one on constipation, the harshest of Padukone’s critics were anything but constipated with their ratings.Padukone had two more films in 2015, both of which saw some oh-so-hot chemistry on the silver screen. Deepika reunited with her ex-boyfriend and good friend Ranbir Kapoor in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha in November 2015, followed by December 2015’s Bajirao Mastani, where she donned the garb of Mastani to her current boyfriend Ranveer Singh’s Bajirao.Both the films did their bit to whet the curious cat inside her fans and detractors alike. As for her on-film equation with the guys, it remains to be seen who takes the cake.GOING TO HOLLYWOOD2016 saw Deepika concentrating on her career in the West. She travelled to Hollywood. And left people like Vin Diesel and director DJ Caruso in awe. She made her big Hollywood debut as one of Vin Diesel’s love interests in January 2017’s xXx Return of Xander Cage. The film might not have been a money spinner at the international box office, but it got Deepika noticed. As the actor who spoke in ‘Indian English’ and did not borrow an accent from the West for her Hollywood debut.THE ASCENTDeepika’s ascent to numero uno has been peppered with the usual pitfalls, but the actor managed to outdo all her contemporaries put together. Her debut happened in the same year as Sonam Kapoor’s, but while Sonam is somewhere on the curve of success, Deepika happens to reside at the peak right now.advertisementIn the past, and as recently as last year, Sonam has taken several pot shots at Deepika with the occasional snide sneer here or the snarky fashion-related comment there. However, at the end of the day, like Deepika’s friend and co-star Shah Rukh Khan had once said, “Success has this beauty that it eradicates all personal and impersonal attacks. So, instead of saying, explaining, justifying – all I need to do is succeed.” Clearly, the mantra Deepika seems to abide by!Deepika made her Bollywood debut with the 2007 film Om Shanti OmA BENGALURU GIRL AT HEARTUnderneath all the glamour and designer clothes, something that has been a constant in Deepika Padukone’s interviews over the years is her reiteration of the fact that she is a simple person at heart. On the one hand, she has the task of fitting into the image that belongs to her, and on the other, is that of keeping her head on her shoulders. Not getting carried away by fame and success, after all, is one daunting task.”It’s very, very easy to get carried away by the fame, the success, the kind of love, appreciation and adulation that we get. Which is why it’s important to be surrounded by – I won’t say real people, but grounded people. Like my friends, my family, my sister, my parents. It’s like I go to work in the morning and I do what I have to do and they go to work and they do what they have to do, but when we come back, we are us and I am me. I am the same girl that I was in school for my friends. Or the same girl who grew up in Bengaluru.” (June 2015, DNA)And no, no privilege is at hand for the woman who is currently the North Star of the cloudy firmament that is women in the Hindi film industry. The actor has been quoted as saying,”When I go home, when we have no house help at dinner time, we lay our own table, make our own food, serve ourselves from the kitchen, sit at the table, eat and then we all have to wash up.  We divide the work. If my dad is clearing the table, I’ll wipe the table, and mum is washing the dishes, I might empty the dishes, put it back in the fridge, that’s how it is. In the Bengaluru house, it definitely works like that, even over here I am not dependent on my maids at all. If they are up, fine. If they are not, I can manage this house (her Mumbai house) on my own.” (June 2015, DNA)Padukone went to Hollywood with last year’s xXx Return of Xander CageDRIVE TO SUPERSTARDOMBack in school, Deepika Padukone’s life consisted of studies and sports. And goes without saying, being the daughter of the country’s first badminton star meant the elder daughter of the family would also pick up the racquet. But the apple of Prakash Padukone’s eye chose to give up the sport because she felt she was more inclined towards modelling. And thus began her tryst with the camera; first still, then motion. In 2006, after two years of modelling, Deepika made many of her admirers re-go gaga over her when she shot to fame with her print campaign for Kingfisher.advertisementHer surname did hardly anything to salvage her reputation as an actor when one after the other, flops marred Deepika’s career. In several interviews, Deepika has admitted that she ‘hated to say that she didn’t come from a film family’. She meandered to films from modelling, yes, but thereafter, it has been a solitary ride for this Bengaluru girl.THE DEPRESSION AND THE SOUL-BARINGIn 2010-11, Deepika’s career saw troughs of the kind probably even her contemporaries haven’t had to see yet. Despite the general perception that when a film star’s films fall flat, they are ‘depressed’, something quite the opposite happened to this star.In 2014, the actor addressed a session at the India Today Conclave. A session called ‘Being Number One’. Her entry to the stage made quite an imprint on the minds of people who’d seen her there: Standing tall in her six-inch heels and white dress, sinking her teeth into a sweet, was Deepika Padukone. She spoke at length about how she kept her feet on the ground despite her success and fame, and how she was thankful to her parents for being there for her. Back then, little did anyone know what was going on behind that peppy, awe-inspiring demeanour of this superstar.About a year after the conclave, in January 2015, Deepika lay bare some of the darkest recesses of her life. She had to battle depression and anxiety, and had to take medication and clinical counselling during that same time when she was speaking to the numerous people about being number one. “I felt empty,” was the one sentence that Deepika kept coming back to while talking about her depression struggles. And no, she did not have a film release at hand that could be construed as the reason behind her soul-baring of this level.Later, the actor founded an institution to help people battling mental health. She didn’t want anyone to go through what she had, was the reason she cited as being at the centre of it all.PADMAVATIIn 2017, Deepika was supposed to be seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s historical drama, Padmavati. The film was initially slated for a December 1, 2017 release. But all hell broke loose right when the team of Padmavati began shooting. The director was attacked in Rajasthan, sets were vandalised and costumes were torched. Little did anyone know that that was just the beginning of the long battle that the Padmavati team had just embarked on.Over the last few months, Deepika (who plays the titular role, of Rani Padmavati of Chittor, in the film) has seen threats being issued to her: from goons saying that they would do a Soorpanakha on her, to getting special security. As of January 2018, the fate of Padmavati still hangs in the balance. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) suggested modifications and asked for a title change (from ‘Padmavati’ to ‘Padmavat’, the 16th Century epic poem by Malik Muhammad Jayasi, on which the film is supposedly based). But that has not appeased the Rajput groups and political parties crying desecration of honour.It remains to be seen when – or if – Padmavati finally sees the light of the day.THE ROAD AHEADDeepika Padukone turned 32 yesterday. At 32, she will have had the rare luxury of saying that she has ‘been there, done that’. Her Bollywood debut might have happened alongside the most popular superstar of the country, but Padukone has done what many SRK heroines haven’t been able to: She has shouldered successes of films on her own. With a male superstar at times; despite one, at others. That fact doesn’t look like it is going to change any time soon.(The writer tweets as @ananya116)ALSO WATCH: Why Deepika is at the top of her gamelast_img read more

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World Cup: Sweden star lashes out at racists for calling him a terrorist

first_imgSweden star player Jimmy Durmaz was subjected to racism after his tackle led to his team’s thrilling 2-1 defeat against defending champions Germany in a FIFA World Cup 2018 match on Saturday.Durmaz and his fellow Sweden players have taken a strong stand against racism after the Swedish FA complained to police about a storm of racial hatred and threats aimed at the winger following his late mistake in the match.Substitute Durmaz gave away the stoppage-time free kick that led to Toni Kroos’ stunning late winner in the Group F clash, and the stream of invective on the 29-year-old’s Instagram account began almost as soon as the goal was scored.The Swedes began Sunday’s training session in Gelendzhik by uniting behind Durmaz as he read a statement from his cellphone.FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 FULL COVERAGE”I am a footballer at the highest level, being criticised is something we live with, but being called ‘f****** immigrant’ and ‘suicide bomber’, and having death threats made against me and my children is completely unacceptable,” Durmaz said.”I am Swedish, and with pride I wear our shirt and our flag. I want to thank the fine, wonderful people who spread joy. It warms us all. We stand united, we are Sweden.”FIXTURES | POINTS TABLEThe statement concluded with the entire squad shouting “F*** racism!” before applauding and jogging out to begin their workout.Swedish player Jimmy Durmaz was subjected to racist abuse on social media last night after his foul led to Toni Kroos’ winning free-kick goal over Sweden. Today, he responded, backed by the whole squad: “F*** racism. (via @sportbladet) #SWE #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/haWOMwSUGradvertisementPhotos of Football (@photosofootball) June 24, 2018Earlier in the day, general secretary Hakan Sjostrand said that the Swedish FA had reported the abuse to police on behalf of the player.”A number of complaints have been made with the Swedish FA as the plaintiff so that Jimmy can concentrate on what he is here to do — play football. But Durmaz is fully behind the complaints,” Sjostrand said in a statement.”We do not tolerate a player being subjected to threats or abuse. It’s uncomfortable and very upsetting to see the treatment that Jimmy Durmaz has had to put up with. Completely unacceptable,” he added.The Swedes looked like securing a draw until Kroos struck deep into stoppage time to secure a 2-1 win and emotions boiled over after the final whistle as an angry Sweden coach Janne Andersson accused German officials of taunting his side.Sweden substitute Pontus Jansson said he had lost his temper with the Germans but accepted they had ultimately regretted their actions.”Some of them celebrated in a disrespectful way in my opinion. There was a lot of feelings, we had just let in a goal and lost the game, so it was pretty sour,” Jansson said.”Maybe there was unnecessary anger (from me), but they apologised afterwards so it’s just a case of accepting it. There were a lot of feelings in the heat of the moment.”The Swedish tactic of closing down the centre of defence and allowing the Germans space on the wings looked like paying off until Kroos’s late goal and they now need to recover and beat Mexico to be sure of advancing to the second round.”In the dressing room we said we have everything in our own hands,” Jansson said. “Obviously we’re angry and sad but we need to reload and do it in the next game.”(With inputs from Reuters)last_img read more

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X-Blades Promotion

first_imgThis fortnight Touch Football Australia’s (TFA) official footwear sponsor, X-Blades, will be promoting another great deal through the TFA website and newsletter.  X-Blades has a great deal for TFA members, with a special on two of its hoodies, with pictures attached below.X-Blades are offering 10% off their Blades Reversible hoodie (RRP $110) and their Blades Hoodie – Black (RRP $80). To take advantage of this great deal, please visit the X-Blades online shop and enter the code ‘TFAH’ at the checkout. To visit the X-Blades online shop, please click on the following link: www.bladesfootball.com.au/shop Stay tuned to the TFA website for more great promotions from X-Blades. Related Filesreversible-hoodie-jpghoodie-black-jpgRelated LinksX-Blades Promotionlast_img

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All Stars captains announced

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) is pleased to announce the captains of the All Stars teams that will play next Friday, 13 February at Cbus Stadium on the Gold Coast.   Touch Football will feature prominently in the overall event program for the first time in 2015; featuring some of Australia’s best players comprising a TFA All Stars Mixed team set to play an Indigenous All Stars Mixed team as a curtain-raiser to the Rugby League match.Australian Mixed Open captain, Kylie Hilder will captain the TFA All Stars team, while Australian representatives, Trent Touma (Mixed) and Marikki Watego (Women’s) will co-captain the Indigenous All Stars team. TFA All Star coach, Micheal Lovett said that Hilder was an easy selection based on the work they’ve done together at an Australian level over the past cycle as coach and captain of the Australian Mixed Open team respectively. “She is a very good leader of males and females and younger up-and-coming players, as well as the more experienced players,” Lovett said. “She is getting towards the twilight of her career but doesn’t leave anything to chance. She is well prepared fitness-wise, she works on always improving and sets a good on-field example like at last year’s National Touch League where she guided the young New South Wales Scorpions team to the Elite Eight Women’s title.”“She is very passionate about where she has come from in her Touch Football career and always remembers who has helped her get to where she is. She is proud of the Australian crest she wears and instils that into her fellow athletes.”Hilder says that being named captain of the All Stars team is a great honour and that she cannot wait until next week’s game. “To be part of this inaugural Touch Football All Stars game is amazing. Just to be selected to play with some of the best talent currently in the game is overwhelming but then to get named as captain and lead this talent has made me speechless,” Hilder said.“Being named as a captain of any team is one of the greatest honours any athlete can receive and for me being named as the first captain of the NRL All Stars Touch Football side means so much to me and will be something I will never ever forget and a highlight of my career.”Indigenous All Stars coach, Phil Gyemore said that Touma and Watego were ‘both proud indigenous players who have progressed through the Touch Football High Performance program and into the Open teams’. “They are both really strong chances of playing in the 2015 World Cup in Coffs Harbour and all players, not just Indigenous players, should be trying to follow in the footsteps of these young aspiring Touch Football players that would like to represent their country on home soil.​ They will be great leaders for the Indigenous All Stars team and are fully aware of the honour and what it means to lead this young but exciting Touch Football team on the Gold Coast.”Watego says she is ‘extremely excited’ to be named in the side and ‘truly humbled’ to be named co-captain. “Being fortunate enough to hold a position in this highly coveted team is something that I will never forget.  It’s such a great honour and privilege to be selected to represent the Indigenous community whilst playing the sport I love. I really hope that this initiative will inspire both young Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Touch Footy players to get involved and pursue Touch be it socially or competitively.”“To me, there is no higher honour than representing your family and your people in the wider community and I know my co-captain Trent, my team mates and I will cherish this opportunity.”“It would be great to see this game become a permanent fixture in the Touch Football and NRL calendar! I just can’t wait to go into camp next week and prepare for what should be an exciting game of Touch Footy!”Touma says that the game will be one of the biggest honours of his sporting career. “To be noticed by selectors to represent the Indigenous All Star team and also my people is one of the biggest honours in my sporting career. The day I received a phone call from I could not answer with a big yes quick enough,” Touma said.  “On top of being selected in this great team I was this week announced as captain alongside Marikki, a great talent in the game today. Being proud enough to represent my people but also captain this team will stay with me for a lifetime.” The game will be played at 3.00pm on Friday, 13 February. Stay tuned to www.touchfootball.com.au in the coming days to find out how you can watch the live stream of the game! Related LinksAll Stars Captainslast_img read more

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Premier Scott Moe says Saskatchewan will not ban BC wines in pipeline

first_imgREGINA – Saskatchewan says it will not be joining Alberta in banning the import of British Columbia wines.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced the ban on Tuesday as the next step in an ongoing dispute with B.C. over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.In a statement on Facebook, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says that while his province supports Alberta in its fight, he doesn’t think the dispute will be solved by trade measures that have an impact on consumers and private businesses.B.C. has said it is considering rules to limit any increase in the shipping of diluted bitumen until an independent panel can better analyze whether the system is safe and can adequately deal with a spill.The Trans Mountain project has already been approved by Ottawa and Notley sees B.C.’s move as a back-door way to scuttle the expansion.The $7.4-billion Kinder Morgan project would triple capacity on the 1,150-kilometre line, which runs from Edmonton to the B.C. coast.Moe suggests that rather than boycott B.C. wine, Saskatchewan will look at options either through the courts or interprovincial trade agreements.“It is our position that the government of British Columbia has no legal jurisdiction or justification to delay or impede the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline,” he said.“While we have previously stated that Saskatchewan will support Alberta in defending against this attack on our energy industry, Saskatchewan has no plans to participate in retaliatory measures that would be in contravention of our trade commitments.“We do not believe this matter will be resolved by trade measures that will primarily impact consumers and private businesses.”(Companies in this story: TSX:KML)last_img read more

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Acid shipments halted in BC city while series of leaks is investigated

first_imgTRAIL, B.C. – Municipal officials in southeastern British Columbia say they have been assured that the company which moves sulphuric acid through a West Kootenay city won’t resume shipping until a thorough engineering investigation wraps up.A post on the City of Trail website says a meeting was requested Monday with senior members of International Raw Materials and Teck’s Trail smelter operations after sulphuric acid dripped on city roads over the weekend.The release of acid was the third in Trail since April, with the first two spills prompting thousands of vehicle claims to the Insurance Corporation of B.C.In the city’s post, Mayor Mike Martin says the third leak, which spilled less than a quarter of a litre of acid at a loading facility and left three dime-sized drips along a highway through Trail, was minor, but still concerning.Martin says that’s because previous meetings with International Raw Materials had ended with assurances the company was working to prevent future problems.The city says during the meeting the company said it has halted all truck transport of sulphuric acid until the engineering investigation and certification process concludes.Four new transport trailers will also be brought in to move the acid, the city says.International Raw Materials buys sulphuric acid from Teck’s Trail plant and hauls it along several busy commuter routes to loading facilities in another part of the city.The Insurance Corporation confirmed that hundreds of vehicles, including a new fire truck worth approximately $800,000, were damaged or destroyed by the first two acid spills.Teck said in a release earlier this month that a total of just under 300 litres of sulphuric acid leaked in separate spills on April 10 and May 23.No one was hurt, the acid was neutralized and is not believed to have seeped into area waterways.last_img read more

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