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Call for greater transparency in palm oil sourcing

first_imgRoundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is calling for greater tranparency on where and how palm oil is grown in the quest for responsible and sustainable sourcing.Speaking at the RSPO European rountable in London Indonesian vice minister of trade Dr Bayu Krisnamurthi stated the Indonesian government’s intention to work together with RSPO towards a joint sustainable palm oil standard, which would scale up production of certified sustainable palm oil in Indonesia.He proposed to convert RSPO into an ‘open source’ standard available for non-RSPO members.RSPO secretary general Darrel Webber said: “By increasing transparency on where and how palm oil is grown, we want to strengthen the role of RSPO as a benchmark to measure everyone’s performance. GFW’s maps will give greater assurance to European buyers that the CSPO they’re sourcing is produced responsibly.They will also act as a tool for certified growers to show their commitment and urge customers to support them.”The maps for all RSPO certified palm oil plantations have been released and are accessible on the new World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch Commodities platform. By releasing the maps RSPO is hoping for greater transparency in the supply chain and to achieve 100% certified sustainable palm oil.last_img read more

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Chris King to challenge Rick Scott for Florida Governor

first_imgOrlando small businessman Chris King will challenge incumbent Republican, Rick Scott,  for governor of Florida.King is expected to announce his candidacy today (April 4) at the Hillcrest Hampton House in Orlando.King, a Democrat, will call for a new kind of leadership, and movement of people ready for a new direction to “rise up so Florida can lead again.”In conjunction with his announcement, the King campaign released a video titled “Rise and Lead, Florida.”Born in Orlando, King is a third-generation Central Floridian. He graduated from Harvard University and earned his law degree from the University of Florida.Over a dozen years ago, , King and his brother started Elevation, a company that provides seniors across the state and Southeast affordable housing options.King has also started several charitable efforts to serve their community including the Elevation Scholars program, which provides college scholarship opportunities to low-income students in Orange County. The Elevation Global Initiative funds family farming and environmental efforts in Haiti, entrepreneurship training in East Africa and prisoner rehabilitation in US prisons. He also helped launch the Elevation Academy, a school in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo that serves 700 low-income students.King attributes his commitment to service to his family and faith. His father, David King, led the successful battle against illegal gerrymandering in Florida. His mother has been an advocate for patient-first healthcare for 30 years, serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orlando Health, a non-profit family of hospitals in Central Florida, and as one of the early founders and first chairman of Grace Medical Home, an award-winning free and charitable clinic in Orlando.King met his wife Kristen and are raising their three children in Orlando.Rick Scott…being challenged by Chris King for Governor of FloridaRick Scott has been governor of Florida since 2011. He defeated Bill McCollum in the vigorously contested Republican primary election and narrowly defeated Democratic nominee Alex Sink in a close race in the general election, spending roughly $75 million of his own money in the process. In 2014, he won re-election over former Republican turned Democratic challenger, former governor Charlie Crist and several third-party and/or independent candidates.He is Florida’s 45th governor.last_img read more

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Mdzananda goes the extra mile for pet care

first_imgAn animal clinic running from six recycled shipping containers treats dogs and cats from a community of over 1.5 million people without help from the City of Cape Town. (Image: Mdzananda Animal Clinic)The township is overrun with stray dogs and cats, while family pets also lack the necessary health care but Mdzananda Animal Clinic aims to change all that: it has re-launched its mobile outreach clinic services to impoverished communities in Cape Town.Mdzananda Animal Clinic is the only veterinary council registered animal clinic in Khayelitsha, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. Mdzananda – meaning distemper in the local isiXhosa language – was established in 1996 to treat animals that did not have access to veterinary care in the fast-growing community.THE ANIMALS ARE LOVEDDr Blessing Chiriseri, a veterinarian at the clinic, recalls his arrival at Mdzananda: “Just over a year ago I finished vet school and moved to Cape Town to become part of the great Mdzananda Animal Clinic team. Shortly after arrival I found myself overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of roaming pets in the township. My initial reaction was probably what most people would have – that ‘No-one really cares for these poor animals.’”It took a year for Chiriseri to realise the amount of work that goes into running Mdzananda and the love the people have for their animals, even though they cannot afford proper health care for them. “One year on, my perspective has taken a complete 180° turn. Twelve months and thousands of animals later has helped me made understand how much dedication there is from the Mdzananda team.“However, the greatest depiction of care and love has been the countless numbers of people, young and old, pushing their pets in shopping carts from far and wide in search of help. I have completely immersed myself in this beautiful interaction,” Chiriseri says.MEASURING IMPACTThe clinic took time a few months ago to take a closer look at its outreach programme, which was meant to serve communities that were further away from the established Mdzananda structures.“This step back afforded us the opportunity to assess the impact we had had over the years and a lot seemed out dated and inadequate,” Chiriseri explains. “Shifts in lifestyle and the economics of the communities meant a lot required to be tailored to better suit the different areas and particular household structures, and particularly the times when people are at home and available to bring their pets to mobiles.”The clinic found that the most important element – education – was missing. “The major aspect that required and still requires immediate and meticulous attention is education. The interaction with clients has revealed how little animal health care information these owners are equipped with. However the community seems very keen to learn [a priceless tool].”With this in mind, the new mobile outreach programme will include specific days set aside for educating people, with satellite clinic days as well.“Our satellite clinics are simply an extension of our consultation rooms, which means we are now able to properly treat some animals at these sites and to identify and admit patients needing hospital care back at Mdzananda HQ… The methods we are going to use are entirely tailored to each area we will visit. The socio-economic situation of each household visited will be appraised and then given the utmost consideration. It is always important to realise that the quality of life of the animal will only be determined by that of its owner.”Chiriseri believes these are exciting times for the clinic, and the team will have the best possible outcomes with the mobile clinic and impact powerfully on the community and the lives of their pets.“In conclusion I must say, the first day of our re-launch was a great success. The team really showed a different but positive kind of enthusiasm and we intend to keep it that way for decades to come. We are striving to make education Mdzananda’s long lasting legacy,” he adds.Anyone can help the mobile clinic by sponsoring a pet per month. Each pet receives a vaccination and de-wormer at the cost of R70 to the clinic. Each unsterilised pet is also sterilised at a cost of R200. If you are able to sponsor one pet a month for either of these treatments the team at Mdzananda Animal Clinic will be extremely grateful. Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a monthly donor.last_img read more

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AllBueaty 12pcs Cute Lovely Mixed Colorful Lace Stretch Elastic Headbands Hair Band Accessories – Excellent

first_imgSize: Approx. Beautiful: ) fit my 10 months old perfectly an Three Stars Can be used as chokers to,love them. Love these would recommend product & will use again. Great value for money my little girl loves having the choice of what colour to wear. Quality items fast delivery well made. Love these cute hair bands- my five month old has long hair falling into her eyes and these bands stay on her head ( although very occasionally, slips over her eyes but it doesn’t alarm her and due to lace like fabric, she can still through and isn’t scared. They come in an array of colours including neon yellow which we love. It was a very good product but could be in better material and a bit more decorative. Five Stars SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-05-13 21:39:10Reviewed Item 12pcs Cute Lovely Mixed Colorful Lace Stretch Elastic Headbands Hair Band AccessoriesRating 3.3 / 5  stars, based on  31  reviews We have bought better ones but these were ok and arrived exactly as ordered. Did take a while to arrive and several pieces had a lot of frayed thread. However i am happy with them and my daughter loves wearing them and colours are fantastic. Lovely colours fits well but not suitable for newborns suitable for 6 to 12 months and over. Bought for my wife to make headbands for our new granddaughter. She was well pleased and reckons she could make a fortune buying stuff on here and making her own. Said the quality of the bands she made with the items bought were better quality than some of the expensive headbands she was looking at. Bargin & there much better than i thought they were going to be. Features of 12pcs Cute Lovely Mixed Colorful Lace Stretch Elastic Headbands Hair Band AccessoriesFashion Accessories,soft ,elasticated and comfortable.Soft material and beautiful design is the best choice for your lovely childrenMaterial: Lace. colors sends random , you may receives repeat or different from the pictures showSize: Approx. 190 * 35 mm (LxW)/ 7.5″*1.4″(LxW)very elastic, suitable for baby in different agesFashion Accessories,soft ,elasticated and comfortable. Pretty headbands suitable for what i needed. Great selection just what i wanted. Beautiful 🙂 fit my 10 months old perfectly an fit my friends baby who is 1 an my 5 year old daughter, fast delivery. Loved these great for the price. I brought this to make headbands for my daughter as shes only 7months its hard to find ones that fit and wont dig in. These are perfect lovely bright and soft fabric. Will definitely be ordering some more, thanks. Soft material and beautiful design is the best choice for your lovely children very elastic, suitable for baby in different ages Material: Lace. Posted on May 13, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories HeadbandsTags AllBueatylast_img read more

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Grain storage considerations

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest As producers across the Eastern Corn Belt wrap up harvest, care should be taken to ensure proper handling and storage of grain. Proper storage and grain handling is necessary in maintaining the quality of the harvested crop. This article will discuss a few tips for maintaining the quality of stored grain after harvest. It is critical to start with both a clean bin and handling equipment. Any moldy grain or grain infested by insects from the previous year can contaminate grain harvested this season. Storage facilities and aeration equipment should be clean and in proper working condition.Harvesting equipment that is adjusted and operated correctly will also preserve the condition of the crop. Combines should be set to clean grain thoroughly to eliminate foreign material/fines and handling equipment should be operated in order to minimize damage to grain. It is also important to use a spreader or distributor as grain enters the bin to evenly spread any fine materials remaining in the grain. Without a spreading device the fines will collect in the center of the bin and create aeration problems as well as a place for moisture to accumulate. Properly cleaned grain will minimize insect activity and allow for efficient air movement through the stored grain.Grain should be stored at proper moisture content in order to maintain quality. Corn should be stored at 15% for up to 6 months and 13% for storage longer than 6 months. Soybeans should be stored at 13% for up to 6 months and 11% for storage longer than 6 months. Grain should be cooled through aeration in the fall to provide the most favorable storage environment. The stored grain should be cooled gradually and evenly to 35 to 40 degrees F. This process will help maintain the condition of the grain and deter insect activity within the stored grain. Finally, it is important to monitor grain stored in bins at regular intervals to make sure that proper storage conditions are maintained, as well as grain quality.last_img read more

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World Cup semi-final against India was fixed, says former Pak cricketer Haider

first_imgAllegations of match fixing have once again clouded the Pakistani cricket team after former wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider, who had fled to London alleging he had been threatened by bookies, demanded a formal probe into the team’s defeat to India in the ICC World Cup semi-final.Saying he was not surprised by Pakistan’s poor performance and defeat in Mohali on Wednesday, Haider questioned poor performances by several players including wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal. He alleged that fixing has been part of the Pakistani cricket culture.He accused the Akmal brothers of controlling the way the national team functions and alleged that they did not allow any player to settle down in the team.Speaking to Pakistani channel Dunya News from London, Haider said he had run away from the team hotel in Dubai after being harassed by Kamran’s younger brother Umar Akmal. Haider questioned why Kamran was still in the Pakistani team despite dropping a number of catches.Haider had fled from the hotel in Dubai, where the Pakistani team was staying, alleging threat from a fixer in November 2010.He alleged that some national selectors took money from players to select them. He urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), government and the International Cricket Council (ICC) to look into the assets of the selectors to get to the bottom of the truth.last_img read more

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How Randall Cunningham Taught NFL Quarterbacks To Fly

Scan a list of the NFL’s best quarterbacks nowadays, and you’ll find names such as Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Tyrod Taylor and even that of rookie sensation Dak Prescott — dynamic passers who can run the ball, too. The question of whether a team can succeed with that kind of dual threat under center has basically been settled in today’s game; such a QB has led his team to the Super Bowl in each of the past four seasons.1Colin Kaepernick did it in 2012; ditto Wilson in 2013 and 2014, and Newton in 2015. And no five-year period in modern NFL history2Going back to the start of the Super Bowl in the 1966 season. has seen quarterbacks gain more rushing yards per game than they have over the past five seasons. The golden age for mobile passers is right now.In the not-too-distant past, a quarterback was supposed to stay in the pocket, survey the field and make the throw — not take off and run. Not only was rushing mostly absent from the job description, it was often seen as a bad habit that needed to be discouraged. But Randall Cunningham helped change all that when he took the NFL by storm in the mid-1980s. 25Donovan McNabb2002419141211 30Steve McNair20011,102109198 Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com 9Steve Young19921,737142263 After flashing abilities as a passer, runner and punter at UNLV, Cunningham was selected in the second round of the 1985 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. And almost immediately, his unique skill set grabbed his teammates’ attention.“You knew there was something special about Randall,” former Eagles defensive back Eric Allen said. “[He was] extremely athletic, played with a great sense of self, understood that he was good, understood that he could do a lot of things that other quarterbacks in the game could not do, and he had a great deal of confidence.”Despite his talent, Cunningham sat behind Ron Jaworski, a more traditional dropback passer, for most of his first two NFL seasons. But he became Philly’s starter after Jaworski was hurt late in the 1986 season — and the Eagles’ iconoclastic coach, Buddy Ryan, soon let Cunningham loose as the game’s first true dual-threat QB.“Buddy Ryan allowed me to be the player he believed I could be,” Cunningham told me. “He saw something in me and gave me an opportunity to flourish as an athlete, and not just a quarterback, but to really take it to a whole other level.”Cunningham wasn’t the first mobile QB in NFL history. Before 1986, six quarterbacks had put up 500 or more rushing yards in a season; in 1972 alone, two of them — Bobby Douglass of the Chicago Bears and Greg Landry of the Detroit Lions — combined for a whopping 1,492 rushing yards and 17 rushing touchdowns. Those were the two best pre-Randall QB rushing seasons according to my yards above backup QB (YABQ) metric, which assigns a value to a quarterback’s passing and rushing statistics in a way similar to Football Outsiders’ yards above replacement (and can also be calculated throughout history).3Specifically, YABQ converts Chase Stuart’s calculations for a QB’s passing and rushing value above average into a measurement of total value that uses as its baseline a backup-level quarterback, a la Football Outsiders’ YAR metric. But Landry’s days as a scrambler were limited — he only had a couple more 200-yard rushing seasons in his 15-year NFL career — and Douglass, as great as he was running the ball, couldn’t throw.4Douglass generated fewer passing yards that season than a backup-level QB would have in the same number of attempts. There was the occasional outlier, like Minnesota’s Fran Tarkenton, who was a strong passer and able scrambler, but before Cunningham, those players were seen as unicorns more than archetypes.Cunningham ushered in the age of the running QB. In 1987, his first full season as Philadelphia’s starter, he passed for 349 more adjusted net yards than a backup-level QB (16th best in the NFL that year) and rushed for an additional 125 yards above backup (which easily led the league). It was the third time in history a quarterback had hit both of those benchmarks in the same season, after Landry in 1972 and Steve Grogan with the New England Patriots in 1978.5Along with Landry and Douglass, Grogan was another of the few pre-Cunningham QBs who could run; in 1976, he scored 12 touchdowns on the ground, a record for QBs until Cam Newton scored 14 in 2011. And Cunningham was just getting warmed up.In 1988, he piled up 336 YABQ through the air and 171 on the ground, the first time in league history that combination had ever been achieved. In a “down” 1989 season, he notched 248/147, a combo that had only been reached twice before (by Landry in ’72 and Cunningham himself in 1988). And in 1990, Cunningham set a standard for dual-threat seasons that has yet to be eclipsed in the 26 years since. That year, he was 750 yards better than a backup through the air, and he tacked on another 249 YABQ on the ground; if we take the harmonic mean of those two numbers (a particular kind of average that emphasizes high values in all numbers being averaged, in order to capture seasons when a player produced a lot of passing and rushing value), it’s the single best combined passing-rushing season by a QB in the Super Bowl era: 3Russell Wilson2014659225335 5Michael Vick2010860202327 21Randall Cunningham1992445144217 By Neil Paine In the latest installment in our documentary podcast series Ahead Of Their Time, we examine how Cunningham frustrated defenses not only with his speed and agility but also with his ability to throw the ball. It was a combination of skills that no quarterback had ever really possessed before, and it helped Cunningham transform the way people thought about the game’s most glamorous position. 17Steve Grogan1978484146224 6Cam Newton2011512224311 22Tyrod Taylor2015682129217 7Cam Newton2012608195295 28Russell Wilson2012952111199 27Greg Landry1971861113200 Embed Code 2Robert Griffin III2012847218347 4Michael Vick2002679218330 14Rich Gannon2000947129227 23Colin Kaepernick2013803125216 Greatest dual-threat QB seasons, 1966-2016 PLAYERYEARPASSINGRUSHINGHARMONIC MEAN 12Daunte Culpepper20001,558129239 15Randall Cunningham1988336171226 24Cam Newton2013423143213 20Kordell Stewart2001610132217 8Cam Newton2015633169266 11Steve Young19981,474133244 19Daunte Culpepper2002288181222 16Michael Vick2011593140226 More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed 26Donovan McNabb2000232178201 10Greg Landry1972547167256 29Steve Young19911,030110199 There have been better pure passing seasons by mobile QBs; Steve Young had more than a few of them. As Cunningham told me, “People cannot forget about Steve Young, because [he] and I were battling out every single year to be the No. 1 rushing quarterback.” There have also been better QB rushing seasons; in 2006, Michael Vick became the first quarterback to break the 1,000-yard barrier in a season, though his passing was below the backup level that year. But nobody combined the two aspects of quarterbacking in a more prolific way than Cunningham did during that magical 1990 season, one which earned him league MVP honors from the Pro Football Writers of America.Alas, Cunningham would injure his knee in the Eagles’ 1991 opener, and miss the entire season. He returned in 1992 to produce what was, at the time, the sixth-best dual-threat season in modern history (according to my method above),6It ranks 21st now. but ongoing battles with injury and inconsistent play eventually paved Cunningham’s way out of Philly in 1995. After a year away from football entirely,7He spent the season running a granite company. a rejuvenated Cunningham joined the Minnesota Vikings and, in 1998, he enjoyed the 25th-best passing season of the Super Bowl era, according to YABQ — a testament to his skills as a pocket passer after his athleticism had eroded with age and wear.Cunningham finished his 16-year NFL career with the 40th-most total YABQ of any quarterback since 1966 and the second-most rushing YABQ — trailing only Vick. (He also generated about twice as much value through the air as Vick did.) But Cunningham’s biggest football legacy might be in the number of dual-threat QBs that followed in his footsteps. Before Cunningham’s 1987 season, only four quarterbacks had produced at least 200 passing and 100 rushing YABQ in the same season: Tarkenton, Landry (twice), Grogan and Doug Williams. Afterwards, 16 different quarterbacks pulled off the feat in 36 seasons, not including Cunningham himself. And 21 of the 25 best dual-threat seasons in modern history have taken place since Cunningham’s banner 1990 campaign.There are still quarterbacks in today’s NFL who play like the traditional archetype of the drop-back passer. But there are also a number of top QBs whose playing styles resemble that of Randall Cunningham. By proving that a quarterback could dominate the game with both his arm and his legs, Cunningham opened up a new path to success for subsequent generations of signal callers. So anytime a passer rolls out and fires a dart to a receiver who broke free because the defense was worried about the QB running, remember that in some small way, that play was made possible by the influence of a Philadelphia Eagle who changed the game three decades ago.This is part of our new podcast series “Ahead Of Their Time,” profiling players and managers in various sports who were underappreciated in their era. 1Randall Cunningham1990750249374 18Steve McNair1998450149224 YARDS ABOVE BACKUP 13Kordell Stewart1997422159231 read more

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Indiana Hoosiers vs Ohio State Buckeyes Stepping stone or stumbling block

There’s no question that Ohio State football (5-3, 2-2) vaulted itself into the race for a Big Ten Leaders Division title after its 33-29 upset win against then-No. 12-ranked Wisconsin. The real question is whether OSU can avoid a letdown in its upcoming game. With a Saturday contest against Indiana awaiting his team, first-year OSU head coach Luke Fickell said Thursday that he is wary of the Hoosiers. “Not that people believe it, but (Indiana) is a scary crew,” Fickell said. “I really believe that. With the way the offense is going for Indiana, they don’t mind coming (to OSU).” Indiana is in the middle of the pack among Big Ten offenses and is ranked No. 7 in the conference. The Hoosiers are averaging 23.2 points per game — just 1.3 points fewer than OSU. “They’ll be in a different mindset,” Fickell said. Surely, Indiana is in a different mindset compared to when it visited Ohio Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010. The Hoosiers lost, 38-10, that day but finished the season 5-7 and had a shot at bowl eligibility for parts of the year. In 2011, first-year Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson has led the Hoosiers to a 1-8 overall record and an 0-5 Big Ten record. Wilson also saw one of his top receivers, senior Damarlo Belcher, dismissed from the team this week. Co-defensive coordinator Mike Ekeler’s said he’s currently “extremely frustrated.” His unit has given up 51 points per game in the last four weeks “…We’ve gone downhill,” Ekeler said of Indiana’s 2011 performance. “I go home and I don’t sleep because I’m not used to this and I don’t want to get used to it. And I’m sick of it and I’m tired of it. It’s the most frustrating thing I’ve ever been a part of.” Though the defense has been disappointing for the Hoosiers, the offense has recently showed signs of life. They’ve averaged 31 points in their last two games and haven’t had trouble moving the ball. But Indiana co-offensive coordinator Rod Smith said that athletically, the Buckeye defense will be tough to match up against. “They’re big, fast and strong if you like that kind of athlete,” Smith said. “I tell those guys all the time so it’s going to be a challenge each and every snap.” Wilson has at least remained upbeat, saying his team is looking forward to Saturday’s game. “We look forward to going into (Ohio Stadium),” Wilson said. “We look forward to going against the Buckeyes and it will be a great challenge.” Fickell voiced concerns about the Indiana squad on Thursday, but Wilson is also realistic about the challenge presented by OSU. “(OSU is) coming off back-to-back wins, they’re sitting at 5-3,” he said. “They could have three wins in a row. They played very well at Nebraska and their freshman quarterback (Braxton Miller) has done a nice job. “They are doing it with good players and a quarterback that can make plays. The last time we won against Ohio State was in the 80’s, so we’re playing a team that’s pretty good. It’s not like all of a sudden I say we have an advantage from playing those guys.” Both teams head into the contest with injuries. Fickell said Thursday that OSU junior running back Jordan Hall was “doubtful” for the game and Ekeler remarked that the Hoosiers have had so many injuries they are having trouble filling the scout team. Weary though he may be, Fickell said there would be no let down on Saturday. “We’ve been through enough,” he said, “and we know what the situation is.” Kickoff for Saturday’s game at the ‘Shoe is set for noon. read more

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Commentary Keep potential Big Ten name changes simple

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said the conference is considering changing the names of its Leaders and Legends divisions beginning in 2014, according to ESPN.com. For the majority of Big Ten fans, including myself, this comes as a relief, and we collectively say, “Thank goodness.” According to a Monday ESPN article, the decision to change the division names could be made as early as June, a little more than a year before Maryland and Rutgers leave the ACC and Big East, respectively, to increase the total number of schools the Big Ten houses to 14. It seems college football will soon be comprised of four super conferences, which I am not a fan of. With that being the case, I hope Delany and his colleagues see this expansion as a second chance to get this naming thing right. Two years ago ­- when the conference added Nebraska – they introduced a new logo and split the teams into the Leaders and Legends divisions. After I initially heard this news, I could not help but scratch my head. Originally I thought maybe the conference was just trying to promote how its members mold its student athletes to be leaders in whatever they choose to do after they leave school. Maybe their intentions were to honor such legends as Archie Griffin, Bo Schembechler and Bob Knight, who each helped make the history of the conference excellent. Then I thought about it again and found the new names to be too different to be likable for the common fan like myself. It is no secret that there are plenty of fans across the Midwest who do not care for how the divisions are named. It seems like Delany understands that, even though he said in the ESPN article that he was a “little surprised” about the responses that came when the names were released in 2010. “I’m not sure it was a national survey (of people who didn’t like the names),” Delany told ESPN. “I don’t take umbrage to negative reaction.” To me that means he knows fans currently are not supportive of how the divisions are named, but he knows no matter what is ultimately decided upon, not everyone is going to be happy. For that, I agree with the conference’s commissioner, but offer this bit of advice: Just keep it simple. Conferences like the SEC, MAC and even Conference USA call their divisions East and West. The Pac-12 has a North Division and a South Division, and the ACC dubs its divisions Atlantic and Coastal. I understand that the names mentioned above are easy to select due to geographic location within the boundaries of the conference, but I wonder why something similar in the Big Te cannot be done. Theoretically, all schools that lie west of the Indiana and Illinois border could become members of a West Division. With the addition of Purdue to that side, this would leave seven members (Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers) to create an East Division, and keep many of the traditional rivalries within the conference. Keep in mind the Big Ten could be looking to expand even more, with the potential of adding two more teams to bring the conference’s total to 16. If that does happen, having the names of East and West atop the divisions should have little to no impact on which division the new members join. As long as Delany is seriously considering the change, then even if it fails, Big Ten supporters can be happy. It appears he knows how the bulk of them feel and understands what is right in front of him. “We have the opportunity to look at divisional structure, branding, rivalries and geography all again,” he said. “Depending on what we do will probably influence exactly how we brand it.” Geography makes the most sense in my mind, but that is why guys like Jim Delany get paid the big bucks and students like me do not. read more

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Guingamp president Bertrand Desplat furious at the VAR decision

first_imgGuingamp side had rejoiced believing that they had a second goal before the break in their game with PSG, but Nicolas Benezet’s header canceled as a result of a VAR review for a foul in the buildup.Guingamp boss Antoine Kombouare did not waste time to show his dissatisfaction saying as quoted in ESPN:“There are two disappointments. The first is the first half where we can return to the locker room with 2-0,” Guingamp boss said.“Afterwards, it’s up to the referee and we saw that it was against us.“And the second disappointment is to have [conceded] the goal too early. That they scored very quickly [after half-time], it gave us a blow on the head.PSG, Neymar, Ligue 1PSG ultras sent a warning letter to Neymar Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Brazilian superstar Neymar might play today his first game of the season for Paris Saint-Germain and the team’s ultras have warned him.“And after, what we can see is that we had given a lot in the first half, we left a lot of strength, and in the second half with their mastery, offensively it hurt us very much and they could do what it takes to score three goals.”Guingamp president Bertrand Desplat on his own showed his dissatisfaction at the VAR decision, saying:“Above all, I’ll say it wasn’t a great night for video refereeing,”“You can see there’s an enormous amount of progress to be made and French refereeing will have to get quickly up to speed, because you can’t ruin great evenings like this.”last_img read more

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