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Humboldt State football rolls to exhibition win over CETYS University in 2017 season opener

first_imgArcata >> A lot of the time, what happens on the opening kickoff isn’t necessarily indicative of things to come.For the packed house at the Redwood Bowl on Saturday night, that rule didn’t apply.Humboldt State senior running back Ja’Quan Gardner took the opening kickoff 94 yards to the house, and it was off to the races for the Jacks from there on out. Humboldt rolled to a 83-14 win in an international friendly against CETYS University of Mexico in its 2017 season opener.HSU head coach Rob …last_img

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Mozilla Ups Security Bug Bounty to $3,000

first_imgRelated Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Mozilla, the organization behind the popular Firefox browser, just announced a major refresh of its security bounty program. When Mozilla instituted this program in 2004, the organization paid security researchers $500 for discovering eligible security bugs. For new bugs, Mozilla will now pay $3,000. The organization cites the fact that “the security environment has changed tremendously” as the main reason for the increase. In addition, Mozilla also clarified that the bounty program includes Firefox, as well as the Thunderbird email client and Mozilla’s mobile products like the newly released Firefox Home tool for the iPhone.To be eligible for the $3,000 reward, bugs must be original and previously unreported. The security bug must also be a remote exploit and can’t be caused by a third-party plugin or extension. Bugs can be reported confidentially through Mozilla’s bug tracking software, though Mozilla will also pay when researchers disclose security bugs publicly. The organization, however, encourages researchers to disclose these security issues privately.Only a few Mozilla products are ineligible for the bounty program. The Mozilla Suite, an all-in-one Internet application suite that resembles the old Netscape Communicator product, isn’t eligible, for example, as Mozilla stopped development on this program in 2008.$1,337: What Others PayA number of other companies have established similar bounty programs. Google, for example, pays $500 for “interesting and original” security vulnerabilities in Chrome and $1,337 for severe bugs. Some researchers, however, have called Google’s $500 bounty “insulting.” When Google established this program, it cited Mozilla’s $500 bounty as the reason for choosing this price, so it will be interesting to see if Google will also bring its bug bounty up to $3,000 as well. frederic lardinois Tags:#Browsers#news#web center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

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Praise for the Czech Team’s Solar Decathlon Entry

first_imgThis year, the U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon moved from its historic location on the Washington , D.C. Mall to Irvine, California — a very prescient move considering the current government closure of the Mall. The Decathlon concept has expanded to a Solar Decathlon in Europe in 2012 and China in 2013, and the recent U.S. event was open to overseas contestants. Among the many university teams vying for a chance to compete, teams from Austria and the Czech Republic succeeded in securing spots among the 20 finalists.The goal of the competition is to design, build, and operate a solar-powered house, which is judged on cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and design aesthetics. Projects are also scored on engineering, communication and home entertainment.The AIR House is meant to be a prototype for an affordable (A), innovative (I), and recyclable (R) house. It has become a media darling — reviewed by Architect magazine, Inhabitat, Ecobuilding Pulse, and likely a few more before the contest is over. The AIR house appeals on many levels. It has a very light environmental footprint, due to its low-waste prefab process, the net-zero operating costs, and the design for disassembly and recycling at the end of the service life. Wood louvers make a house-within-a-houseBut the most interesting aspect from the perspectives of both design and energy is the “house within a house” concept. The mechanical room is at right angles to the main living space, and the two wings create an “L” shape that defines the patio. This entire rectangle of indoor/outdoor living space is nested within a second structure of wood louvers that extend over the roof and around three walls. These walls are spaced far enough away from the primary structure to create a surrounding deck that has some degree of privacy, yet offers filtered views of the outside.This wooden canopy gives a bit of the sense of living in a treehouse, protected from winds and filtering the sunlight. The effect of this soft boundary is very organic, as if the house “breathes” through the louvers. And it immediately calls to mind a lush tree garden landscape setting, almost as another layer of this design. A boring shape becomes interestingThere is beauty in the simplicity of the louvered shell used in the AIR House. First of all, this is a very easy way to spruce up a very boring box-shaped house, trailer, or even a shed. The basic design can be customized with a bit of creativity in the slat design, keeping in mind the orientation needed for the summer shading. A variation might include plants trellised up the side walls, and the careful selection of plantings in the prevailing wind paths to provide cooling, or even scents of flowers.In this approach to double-skin façades, the exterior air flows freely through the slats into the buffer space. Here, it is cooled and as the temperatures change, it continues to flow. This would create a nice ventilation effect of continuous moving air. The slats could also be positioned to capture regular wind patterns, to channel them to or from the house as desired.This application was actually put to the test at the Solar Decathlon site, as the shell protected the house from the worst of the Santa Anna winds and dust. A careful design specific to the site would optimize the passive solar capabilities for summer shading and thus moderate the heat load on the building envelope. But in any case, since the air buffer is not contained in any way, the risks of this DSF approach are low. It seems unlikely to create problems of mold or humidity build-up, and there is nothing mechanical to break. It is very site-specific, but it would seem to be easily modifiable and tweaked to provide the most benefits. [Editor’s note: The results are in: The Czech team won the Architecture category and placed third overall.] A place to socializeThe Czech entry has particular appeal to me, not only because of my Czech roots (in the land of tennis stars, Vaclav Havel, and great beer) but because I find the design is a breath of fresh air in this contest (pun intended).The design recognizes that human comfort comes not from a show of technology, but rather from a connection to the natural environment and to other people. It seems to have become a favorite gathering spot for dinner parties, and the space easily accommodates these social activities. We’ll keep our fingers crossed (or as they say in Czech, budeme držet palce, or “hold one’s thumbs”) and wish Team Czech Republic the best of outcomes in their first Solar Decathlon. Dr. Vera Novak was recently awarded a PhD in Environmental Design and Planning by Virginia Tech. Her work is dedicated to increased depth and breadth of sustainability in construction, by leveraging the points of greatest potential impact. She is currently working on optimizing corporate sustainability practices to support regenerative design, as well as adapting a lean thinking process for smaller scale projects. She also writes the Eco Build Trends blog.center_img RELATED ARTICLES Solar Decathlon Opening Is Scheduled for October 3An Innovative Net-Zero Solar Decathlon House2011 Solar Decathlon Resource Guide Many architects have experimented with double skin façadesDouble skin façades (DSF) are not a new invention. It might be said that the brush shelters built over the top of Navajo hogans are a type of double roof. In the U.S., there was renewed experimentation in the 1970s with double walls and extracted air systems based on the principles of passive solar thermal chimneys. In some designs, the buffer space was large enough for a greenhouse accessed from inner windows. Of course, the realities of such designs were complicated by humidity build-up, air not moving at predicted rates of speeds, and the difficulty of keeping the space free of bugs, critters, and greenhouse debris.In general, the DSF technique is more typically used in commercial construction, where a secondary exterior glass skin can provide maximal daylight, a sound buffer, and insulation separate from the structural exterior wall. DSFs are categorized by the direction of the air flow: they can be buffers of supply / return air (from indoor air or outdoor air), or a space for exchanging air from inside to outside, or outside to inside.One of the best references for double-skin façades is the Oesterle book by the same name, documenting many of the existing uses of DSF in Europe. This technique is also gaining popularity in Asian cities, in the glass building skyscraper cities. But the cost and degree of difficulty in accurately modeling the effect of the two thermal envelopes and the air flow remains a major roadblock to mass market adoption. Flex spaces and multipurpose roomsOf course, it has all the expected technology — a solar thermal system, PV, and a heat-recovery ventilator — as well as the unexpected technology, such as a radiant chilled ceiling system and a graywater system that feeds into the garden.Designed for retired seniors, it does not make any of the concessions of starter houses and manages instead to neatly package full functionality and comfort into the small footprint by optimizing the spacial layout. The multipurpose room has lots of built-in closets and functional flex spaces. Sliding glass doors provide the flow onto a deck, where a small vegetable garden continues the visual link to the outdoor landscape. BLOGS BY VERA NOVAK Adaptations That Accommodate NatureDealing with Rising Damp in Building ReconstructionDisseminating Building Science KnowledgeJobsite Communication: Creating a DialogueShades of Green: the 1970s vs. the Millennial Generationlast_img read more

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A Note to the First Time Sales Manager

first_imgCongratulations on your new role! This is going to challenge you. It is going to stretch you beyond your current capabilities, and it is going to be rewarding in ways big and small, some rewards you won’t recognize at first.Success in this role is going to require a total shift in what has likely gotten you to this point, namely your individual success. Your individual success indicates that you have the ability to lead yourself, to take initiative, and to reach your personal and professional goals. Your success now depends entirely on your ability to teach, train, coach, and develop others to find their greatest level of personal and professional success.Your success is a mirror that reflects your team’s performance. Your results are their results. Not to worry, their results are also yours.There are some things it is important to get right from the very beginning.First, and most importantly, you have to establish the culture of your team. Are you going to allow people to be negative, cynical, or pessimistic, believing that external events, circumstances, and irrational competitors dictate their results? Or are you going to insist on a positive, optimistic, future-oriented, and empowered culture that rejects anything to the contrary? Leaving this to chance can be your undoing, and it is next to impossible to correct once a negative culture is established.Values and culture are non-negotiable. You need to establish this at the outset.Second, and equally important, you have to understand that your company is going to see you as a leader, believing that you serve the company and that you are responsible for managing the resources with which you have been entrusted. This is an honest, but partial, view of your role. To your team, you are their leader. They are going to become what you help them to become. You are going to be stretched, your company will ask too much of you when it comes to your time, and your people will need more from you than you are going to be prepared to provide. If you have to err, err on the side of building your people; this will be the key to your success over the long term.Third, leaders lead. You have choices available to you as a leader. The worst leaders lead by force, by coercion, and compulsion. The very best leaders start from a place of inspiration, influence, and persuasion. That said, you cannot leave it up to your team to decide their mission for themselves. Your role is to execute your company’s strategy, and you dictate what needs to be done and how that is going to be achieved. You can be very non-directive in your coaching, but you have to make these decisions. Trust your instinct.Finally, you have one single opportunity to break from the past. You must not waste this opportunity. If a change needs to be made, make it. Hold everyone accountable, and do not let up. It is very easy for people to slip back into their comfort zone, and some will try to wait you out. You cannot allow this to happen; you must draw a bright line here, and then you must defend it. You were put in this role to produce the best possible results from the team you have been selected to lead, and that should be your goal.If you help everyone on your team to grow and generate the best performance they are capable of, you will do well. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

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Hosni Mubarak’s trial adjourned till September 5, no live telecast

first_imgThe Egypt court ruled that the trial of Hosni Mubarak will no longer be telecast live.The historic trial of Egypt ‘s fallen president Hosni Mubarak was on Monday adjourned till September 5 after the ailing former strongman returned to court wheeled on a stretcher to answer charges of ordering the killing of over 800 anti-regime protesters, as his followers and opponents scuffled in the streets outside.In another dramatic day at the trial that has gripped the Arab world, the court ruled that the proceedings will no longer be telecast live.Judge Ahmed Refaat also decided to merge Mubarak’s trial will now be merged with that of ex-interior minister Habib al-Adli, a step welcomed by lawyers for the families of protesters killed in the uprising.Mubarak, 83, faces death penalty if found guilty of ordering the killing of around 800 pro-democracy protesters.He is also facing corruption charges along with his sons Alaa and Gamal, both of whom were also present in the case in prison uniform.As the toppled leader made his second appearance in court, scuffles broke out outside the court house between the former president’s supporters and antagonists.”Hosni Mubarak is not Saddam” and “He is Egyptian until death” read the placards as a number of his supporters gathered outside the court guarded by hundreds of riot policemen.Mubarak, wearing a navy blue sports sweater, appeared in a caged defendant’s box and answered “present” when trial judge Refaat called his name. He was earlier flown in to the court in a military helicopter from a Cairo hospital.He was also seen exchanging words with his sons during the proceedings.The proceedings were often unruly and chaotic as a large number of prosecution lawyers raised their points.The judge ordered the merger of the trials of Mubarak and al Adli, and announced that live TV coverage would end “in the interest of the public” while adjourning the case to September 5.The trial of Adli on charges of killing nearly 800 demonstrators during the uprising had resumed yesterday. He has already been sentenced to 12 years in prison for money-laundering.Defence lawyers have also demanded that Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who was Mubarak’s defence minister for two decades, and now leads the military council, testify over the former president’s role in suppressing the uprising.Mubarak was ousted in a massive uprising against his 30 year long regime in February following which the military took up the role of a caretaker government to make way for democratic elections in the country.advertisementlast_img read more

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