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Your Home Your Vote – final campaign day

(Updated)After 41 days of campaigning — In less than 24 hours, millions of us will head to the polls to determine who will form the next government of Ontario. Some have already cast their ballots in advance polls. But many will make their final decision Thursday and because of that the party leaders are campaigning hard – hoping to win the approval of those undecided voters.All three leaders made multiple stops Wednesday in a final push for votes. And once again the Liberal leader found herself apologizing. Not what you want to be doing on the day before an election.Wynne said a Liberal campaign flyer depicting her Progressive Conservative rival laughing as a hospital explodes behind him is “not acceptable.”The flyers show a super imposed Tory leader Tim Hudak’s image over top of the Joker character from the Batman movie “The Dark Knight.” They were distributed in Vaughan where Liberal candidate Stephen Del Duca currently holds the riding. He apologized on Twitter. Today on CHCH “News Now”, Wynne also apologized: “I apologize to the residents who received that piece of literature. It should not have happened and as I say, the campaign apologized and we need to recognize it shouldn’t have happened and it was a mistake.”NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was in Oshawa Wednesday afternoon. She told supporters that while Thursday is an important day for her — it’s the public who has a lot to lose if they don’t vote NDP: “The stakes are high. Not necessarily are the stakes high for the politicians. But the stakes are high for the people of this province. They deserve much better than what they’ve had over the last number of years. I’m sure that as they go to the polls tomorrow, they’ll be more thinking about ‘how do we get a province that respects us? How do we get a government that respects us.”On a stop in Niagara Wednesday afternoon, the PC leader called for change in Ontario. He said he would re-ignite the economy, create jobs and stop expensive hand outs to large corporations. And he’s sticking to his million jobs plan message despite criticism from unions, economists and the Liberals. He says it shows the Liberals are desperate: “Voters in Niagara Falls and across the province have an opportunity to send this era of corruption, waste and incompetence into the past. Voters in Niagara Falls are going to have a chance to turn us away from this cliff of debt. And voters will have a chance for a real turnaround plan. And voters will have a chance to vote for our plan — for lower taxes, affordable energy, and a lot more jobs.”Wynne is wrapping up her last stop at the supper hour in Toronto.Hudak is in Jarvis, Ontario tonight at 7.And Horwath is in Kingston with federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair at 6:45.CHCH’s Your Home, Your Vote coverage starts at 8 tomorrow night. We’ll have reporters at the leaders’ party headquarters as well as in key local ridings. We also have a panel of experts in place. read more

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