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The 3DS Is Dead Long Live the Portable Nintendo Switch

first_imgStay on target ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Is a Nintendo Switch Exercise RPG Two years ago I got to try out the New Nintendo 2DS XL, and by any metric it was the best dual-screen portable Nintendo had ever made. It dropped the dumb 3D gimmick but kept the upgraded processor. It had a sturdy clamshell body and from a certain angle even looked like a premium mobile phone. And of course it could leverage the massive library of great 3DS (and DS) games. I wanted to love it.But I couldn’t because in 2017 I was already fully onboard with the Nintendo Switch, not only Nintendo’s next-generation console but also a next-generation handheld thanks to its hybrid design. Not only was the Switch technologically superior to the 3DS but it also promised a grand unified library of Nintendo software no longer split across two devices. The last roadblock to this glorious future was the 3DS, and the longer the aging handheld kept getting new cool games like Metroid: Samus Returns or WarioWare Gold the longer the Switch would be arbitrarily hamstrung.It was frustrating, especially since the only reasons to keep the 3DS on life support were financial, not beneficial to players. And for two whole years Nintendo kept up the charade that the 3DS could co-exist with its clear successor. But at last, it seems the jig is up. The 3DS was a fantastic device. It helped keep Nintendo going during the Wii U dark days. But it’s dead. Long live the portable Nintendo Switch.We’ve felt the tide change these past few months as 3DS sales dried up and Nintendo simply stopped announcing games for the system. Nintendo Directs became entirely focused on Switch. The last big 3DS game, the Kirby’s Epic Yarn remake, conveniently came at the end of the fiscal year. And now based on comments at a recent investors briefing, the 3DS firmly seems like a thing of the past, much to my relief.The good news is that for a company as conservative as Nintendo to make this risky transition they must believe the Switch is fully ready to step up. And they’re right. The Switch is massively popular. It’s built up a great game library even while having to share software with its weaker sibling. And with big new consoles versions of Mario and Zelda out of the way, the rest of the Switch’s 2019 seems poised to fill that 3DS-shaped handheld hole in your life.Super Mario Maker 2 can use a stylus for easy portable level editing. Franchises like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Luigi’s Mansion were huge 3DS and now they’re coming to Switch. Rumors persist that Nintendo is planning a smaller, handheld-only version of Switch for release soon. Combine that with the next-gen Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, being Switch-only and that should put the final nail in the 3DS coffin.You don’t even need to point to these big games though to make the case that Switch really is Nintendo’s next-generation handheld. Since its launch the Switch, like the PlayStation Vita before it, has proved how cool portable indie gaming is. Take something like Duck Game, a recent game I’ve been playing. On consoles it might seem a little slight. The single-player modes are sparse and the retro radical 80s graphics are… definitely retro. But a portable game about quacking and blasting your friends in frenetic fast-paced Smash Bros-esque battles feels totally right. You can even make your own levels with the touch screen. Being able to play on TV too is just a bonus.And we’re also starting to enjoy the fruits of all Nintendo games, big and small, coming to one device. In 2017 the 3DS saw its last BoxBoy game, Bye-Bye BoxBoy. It’s a quintessential handheld game, a clever but modest little puzzle-platformer about spawning boxes off of your cube body to traverse levels, filling in gaps or blocking lasers. The straight lines and monochrome art style would work on the original Game Boy, the revolutionary device which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. And now the newest BoxBoy game, BoxBoy + BoxGirl, is on Nintendo Switch. It looks prettier and has more complex gimmicks like a new co-op mode. But this is a handheld game through and through, so of course it’s on Nintendo’s new handheld system, the Nintendo Switch.For more on Nintendo Switch here are some other cool new games to play this year and check out our review of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit.last_img read more

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