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IN MEMORIAM Vasily Kudinov dies at age 48

2000–2001 SC Magdeburg 1987–1992 Dinamo Astrachan 2004–2005 Dinamo Astrachan 1992–1997 US Ivry HB Former Russian NT player, Vasily Kudinov, died at age 48 in Astrakhan only few days before his birthday.He participated in three Olympics, winning two gold medals and one bronze medal.At the 1992 Summer Olympics he won a gold medal with the Unified Team at the Olympics.He played for the Russia national handball team at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, where Russia won the gold medal.He had a reach international career in France, Germany and Japan.Kudinov’s career: 2001–2004 Honda Suzuka 1997–2000 VfL Hameln Vasily Kudinov ← Previous Story Kasper Kvist to stay at HSG Wetzlar Next Story → Kretzschmar wants Biegler in Leipzig

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