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The Manual Wind: NOMOS Glashutte Lambda 39mm

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Jameson Releases Two New Caskmates Editions Duke Cannon Has Entered the Fragrance-Sphere With the Proper Cologne Line  Koy Gear Aims to Revolutionize Men’s Everyday Apparel Some of the toughest critics are watch enthusiasts.  From price point to fit and finish, you might say there is never pleasing a watch collector.  With that said, It takes hard work and unique design to be a successful up-and-comer in the watch world. One brand that is slowly winning over these hard critics is NOMOS Glashutte.  Clean design and in house movements got this boutique German ball rolling and its certainly gaining speed.  Its latest, the 39mm NOMOS Lambda, is another clean look that is hard to hate.A little smaller than the original, this 39mm version takes the clean Lambda look and brings it in 3mm from its original 42mm diameter.  Inside lies the same in-house manual wind movement as its big brother.  Made in three variations, all rose gold, there is great contrast along with the simplicity of the dial design.  The three variations include a while dial with gold hands for a more classic look, white dial with blue-steel hands for a more modern look, and a “black velvet” dial with gold hands which i find the most striking.  The layout of the dial is what truly sets this watch apart.  With the focus on the power reserve, this makes for great symmetry with a different aesthetic then normally seen in such a piece.  Unlike the dramatic figure “8” design of Jacquet Droz, this upside down “8” is more subtle yet still maintains the same amount of classic design.There is something to be said for releasing a smaller version of a wildly successful model.  At 42mm, the Lambda big brother helped put NOMOS on the map.  At 39mm, NOMOS has made the Lambda the purists dress watch.  Priced at $17,000, this piece requires a large withdrawal to make a subtle statement. You’ll Never Have to Pivot a Sofa Again Thanks to Ikea’s Newest Collection 12 Best Seiko Watches for Men, From Flashy to Functionallast_img read more

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Tangier Authorities Launch Campaign against Beggars

Taroudant – The police commissioner of Tangier, Mouloud Oukhouya, has recently launched a campaign for the detainment of beggars, according to Le360.In an attempt to rid the city of this undesirable social phenomenon, the police commissioner has given the order to arrest people caught in the act of begging.The same source said that some arrests have already taken place; mainly in M’sala, a neighborhood within the old medina of Tangier. Now that the city has emerged as one of the biggest metropolises in Morocco, Commissioner Oukhouya said that beggars can be seen on every street, and are harming the image and reputation of the northern city.It is in this regard that the Commissioner, in partnership with various authorities, has decided to push back against beggars, who can be found in large groups at the doors of mosques, along Boulevard Mohammed V and throughout the M’sala neighborhood.The act of asking people for money is, probably for all nations, a despised deed which reduces the sympathy felt toward people engaging in such a debased occupation. The act becomes worse when the person in question has everything it takes to carry out the necessary activities to afford a decent living.While some people are in fact impoverished to such an extent that they are in need of other’s money or have a physical disability which forces them out of work, others practice deception as an uncontrollable habit because they have grown up with it or simply because it pays better than other jobs available to them. read more

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